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May 24 2008

Entertainment Weekly reviews Recount. A very positive review from EW on Recount. A brief mention of Danny Strong.

This story is a week or so old, but I didn't see it posted. My first post!

Congrats on first post!

On side note, was watching Ebert & Roeper (actually Roeper & Phillips) and they gave effusive praise to Recount. The review will probably appear on their website early next week.?
Since it's your first post, BoB, (congrats), I won't roll it into the other Recount thread. :-) But, fair warning, sometimes we're known to do that in the interests of saving front-page space for discussion.
Fair enough, SNT! And muchas gracias for letting me preserve my small triumph.
Yay! Drinks all round.
Canadian screenwriter Denis McGrath also has a very interesting review in his blog.

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