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May 26 2008

(SPOILER) Advance Giant Size Astonishing X-Men review. IGN gives three advance reviews for Joss and John's final X-Men issue. Largely (though not entirely) positive.

I got to admit,I'm really looking forward to seeing Joss write Spider-Man here even if it's just for a few scenes and lines.

I didn't like One More Day and still remain cool to Brand New Day and the changes that have happened but I would love to see him do an arc for Amazing Spider-Man.
I want to read this. NOW. Please? Can someone leak the entire issue onto the internet? Can I get some love, here?

Oh, and Buffyfantic, I hated One More Day, too. I don't hate Brand New Day, other than the fact that it's tied up with One More Day. I'm no longer reading Spidey at the moment (which is truly a sad state of affairs), but you better believe I would if they could get Joss on the title. Which is maybe a pretty big if, unfortunately.
I can't even bare to read the review, much less the issue. I don't know if I can face even reading it. But I wish the spoilers would just come out and find out once and for all what happens to Kitty.
Leafblown,I'm still collecting Spider-Man.I've been reading the Spidey comics for 15 years and want to give the new direction as much a chance as possible.So far I've been 'ehh' to Brand New Day.It seems the comics have been dialed back to the way they were in the 70's.Plus I dislike the return of Harry.I loved the Spider-Man marriage but have less a problem with it being written out.It was the way it was written out that I don't like.

I actually liked the Clone Saga in the 90's and thought that handled things much better then this.I'm sticking with Brand New Day though,hoping I'll get onboard with things given more time.

But I've always thought Joss would be a perfect writer for Spidey.I saw a lot of Spidey in Buffy.I think the Brand New Day set up with rotating creative teams on arcs would be a perfect way at some point for Joss to come in for a couple of issues.I'll take Spidey's appearence in Giant Size Astonishing X-Men though.
Pretty impressive that the guy who doesn't like what Whedon has done with the X-Men still gives it an 8/10. (He admits it is largely a matter of personal taste.) Although the statement that Kitty is doing ridiculous things, the first two commenters on that site expressed the same puzzlement I did. Pryde has shown a few more tricks this time around, but those are obvious outgrowths of her power that could (should?) have been used in the past. (I'm thinking of the Vision "disrupting" people, the Ghost (old Iron Man foe), or even the threat of Star Trek transporter malfunctions.)
My thoughts exactly OneTeV, I was expecting, best case scenario, a 6 from him. I'm far, far behind on AXM at the moment and really need to catch up so I can't pass judgement on the Kitty development. I like how she has been written so far though. Regardless, I'm sure the Giant Size will make it into my comic bundle tomorrow/Thursday.
I agree, Buffster. Buffy, to me, was like Kitty Pryde being written like Spider-Man. Which is awesome, awesome stuff. Can't wait to see the words that are coming out of his mouf in GAXM.
The first review with spoilers (fairly negative) and includes Kitty's fate, which pretty much fits with the spoilers from Uncanny X-Men.

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