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June 21 2003

Alyson Hannigan is EW's 'IT Recovering Band Geek.' So says Entertainment Weekly in their annual "It List" issue (pg. 36), which highlights "The 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment."

It's their June 27th/July 4th double-issue, and Hugh Jackman is on the cover. She's listed under the "It Movies" section.

I wonder how long it'll take for Alyson to live down her 'American Pie' role?

any possible way for the article to be posted, since those of us who don't have the EW readers code can't access it?
The code is 167ewweb.
Buy the magazine. The pic of Alyson is cuter than cute.
thanks for the code :)
there's also a scan of the article at

I'd post a link to the scan but the guy who runs the site has issues about hotlinking. Easy to find once you hit the site though.

and yes, the picture is cute

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