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"Angel's lame! His hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid!"
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May 26 2008

Serenity Cast River Sword High Pose T-shirt. Here is a Larger image of the shirt.

thx for leading me to the website of serenity shirts. will use.
There's nothing bigger than an XL? I guess that will be more encouragement to continue my diet.
Hmm. The link title is about as long a verbless sentence as one would hope to see.

chaoswurm, please use caps per site rules and for ease of reading. Ta.
Oh, now that is nice! - I'm glad art work keeps improving on these t-shirt designs.
Ooh, I love that Serenity Icons shirt.
chaoswurm and C.S.Strowbridge,

Have you seen these shirts yet They don't have this new one but it will probably show up at some time.
It's always disappointing to me how the full cast tees never include the full cast.

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