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May 28 2008

TV Guide's Sexiest Men of all Time. David Boreanaz is #11. Links to a video, so probably not dial-up friendly.

So this might be off topic, but does anyone actually use dial up anymore? That's like someone sporting a black/white tv.

Me. :)
go david!

(and was i the only one who kinda squealed about desi arnaz a little?)

and glad they showed/mentioned bones, btvs AND ats.
Oh, I feel for you so bad...
My poor sister does as well :( I want to get her a real connection for her birthday! It's been at least a decade since I had to put up with a dial-up connection on a daily basis.
Heh, half the time I'm online, I'm logged in from my phone.
Yeah, and ironically your phone is probably way faster than dialup... I know (both of) mine (are) is :)
Of course he is. He is absolutely gorgeous. Sigh....oh David. You will always be number one to me.

and where are 10-1? i'm curious as to who else might have made the list...;)
*sigh* I think I'm the only person on the planet who has never found DB sexy. I mean, I get it. But his jumper cables have never been able to start my engine. I feel like I'm missing out on something. Now J. August Richards? Oh. My. That man is beautiful. Saw him all up-close-like last year at the Serenity L.A. convention, and *drool*.
Dizzy, I never found DB sexy. I always really disliked Angel from the start of Buffy. Oddly, I like Bones but I still don't see DB as sexy but I'm starting to like him better as an actor.
Oof, I thought DB was sexy from the first time I saw him smirk on Welcome to the Hellmouth. Now I think he's still dead sexy, but in a more distinguished GQ kind of way. He's gone from salty goodness to classically handsome, IMO. I love that photoshoot of him, where he looks like a movie star from the era of Cary Grant.

As for J. August Richards, I think that he looks quite good, but he doesn't quite do it for me. Out of the BuffyVerse, DB and JM have always competed for sexiest, with NB and ASH tying for second. Then Alexis. Then it's Glenn Quinn and J. August Richards. Then, Marc Blucas.

As for my girl crushes (if Joss can have man crushes, I can have girl crushes!), it's SMG, then ED, AH, and AA tied for second. Ironically, they pretty much round out my very small, snowball's chance in hell, list of girl crushes.
Well, seeing as many of the comments are about the dial-up and that DB doesn't seem sexy, let me say David has gotten better and better from my POV. He has a smile that just brightens a day. The fact that he has a great sense of humor and a kind heart just adds to the fact that he is one of the good guys. He certainly deserved to be on this list of TV Guide's sexiest men of all time. Nice going David!
I didn't initially think DB was sexy either, I was always a Spike girl. It's only as I've seen him on Bones and in interviews that he's become sexy to me. It mostly has to do with his wit and charm, a good sense of humor is very sexy.
Wouldn't mind a bite out of David either.
But his jumper cables have never been able to start my engine.

Have you tried rubbing your engine block with some steel wool to increase conductivity ?

... *gets metaphor* ...

Wait, belay that suggestion !

Just think, when DB first came to our attention, pretty much everyone was on dial-up. World's movin' on.
I'm firmly in the "don't find DB at all sexy" camp and just royally pissed off that James Marsters, by far the sexiest of all the men in the Jossverse, was overlooked. But I find all the other men on all Joss's shows far more attractive than DB .... Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards, ASH, even some of the re-occurring guest stars such as the gorgeous Christian Kane, and Daniel Dae Kim.

I couldn't find the "top 10" either. And I'm curious because up to DB's #11, I wasn't terribly impressed (major exception, Jimmy Smits).
Most of the top 10 are truly hot so DB is in very good company. While I never thought he was sexy in BtVS or Angel, I think he looks quite good now. Probably due to the fact that the 'package' is better now since his acting has improved and he is in a vehicle (Bones) that plays up his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses.
Ew the Hoff? No and No and maybe No again. Also Mr Big isn't that hot....David should have been number one, Jason Lewis number two and so on in that fashion ^_^ Actually the guys from supernatural should be quite high too *thinks* So should Tom Welling....hmmm
For men of BtVS, ASH tops my list, with NB a close second (I just typed "sexond"--typing a Freudian slip: beat that!). Oddly James has never really done much for me, and Spike is my type: skinny punker. Tho I found myself sitting up and taking notice of him on Torchwood. Maybe it's the hair?

I've always heard DB is a great guy. Since I've never been more than a very casual fan of his, maybe I need to start reading his interviews. I'm someone who goes from 0-60 (to continue the car metaphor) in crushing if a guy turns out to be one of the good ones.
ASH? Okay his handsome in an 'old rustic' sort of way but no. I didn't find Spike attractive either, not until like five years after the show finished. Oh and also NB? No.
Well, in my eyes, Spike was sex-on-a-stick, from that very first head-turn with Dru. While I get that the bad-boy thing doesn't work for everyone, what I found most sexy was the way Marsters pulled off all his various guises, from simmering hostility to wounded puppy to genuine compassion. Much sexier than brood1 to brood2 to brood3-with-a-touch-of-angst looks.
David Boreanaz was ultra sexy on Buffy, super hot on ATS and is damn-ass-fine on Bones. He is like a fine wine...
But on the whole that list sucked! JM should have been on for sure. But kudos to David for still making me melt and going from one good show to the next!

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Let's try not to let our various shipping affiliations boil over onto this poor thread. No one needs to rag on Boreanaz to express their love of Marsters or vice versa, okay?
I never found DB attractive on BtVS/Ats. I actually disliked Angel on BtVS yet soon after his move, I began liking him on his own show a lot better.

Yet, now, watching Bones, he is a lot more attractive to my eyes. Maybe it's having the pulse thing (although, that'd never affected Spike's sexyness for me). But, if I really had to guess, I think it's that smile *bites back a school girl giggle* and laugh. Angel never smiled (or God forbid, laughed!), and if he did, watch out, Angelus might not be far behind.

I wouldn't mind being bit by David now (James can take the other side. I'm suddely jealous of Buffy's dreams). I can't wait until Bones comes back. When is that again?

Glad Sawyer made the list. Never really saw what Wentworth Miller has that's attractive, I'm more of a William Fichtner type (alluring and talented).

Re: zeitgeist, should we start talking about dialup instead? I have horror stories to tell!

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:) No need to go offtopic on my account (I am minor nobility as far as tangents go ;)), just be careful of dissing one to up another as the kids say. Well, they do now.
just be careful of dissing one to up another

Thanks, zeitgeist. This was bothering me, but I didn't know how to address it (or if I should).
DB is much better on Bones than he ever was on Buffy. On Bones he has a sense of humor and a personality, something he never had in the 'verse. But JM is number one for me, always will be. Of course if you ask my daughter, her number one is DB, so our debate goes on....

Dial-up? That is all that is available in my neck of the woods, unless you want to pay up the wazoo for satelitte internet and I'm just not willing to give up my satelitte tv for internet, I can only afford one at a time.

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DB is much better on Bones than he ever was on Buffy. On Bones he has a sense of humor and a personality, something he never had in the 'verse.

I don't really think DB's personality and sense of humor have changed much since Angel. He's always had both - in spades. And I'd have to disagree with the thought that Angel lacked both as well.
I would also like to see who is in the top ten, and I'm a little offended that David Duchovny is so far down (he'll always be high on my list), but I loved the attention for David Boreanaz!
Hey, he's ahead of Henry Winkler! He must be so pleased.
I feel that DB is/was enjoyable and funny in both Angel and Bones, but the characters have totally different ways of letting it out. Angel's was more dry, low-key, and self-deprecating; on Bones, the funny is just more in-your-face when it happens.
Those certaily were some beautiful pictures of him, though ;)

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