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May 29 2008

"What I Love About Fox". Highly amusing 'mockumentary' asking Fox's stars, both big and small, why they love working for Fox. They even do an after-credits scene (though not with a Whedon actor).

Thanks to FutureOnFox for the heads-up, I'm really getting to like that blog.

Edited to change title to what they actually said and to say I lied, Kal Penn is a Whedon actor (albeit a teensy weensy one).

Not with a whedon actor? Maybe not current ones...
Uh, so is David Boreanaz and Summer Glau....
I think cabri is referring to the after credits not the video as a whole.
Fox can still bite me.
They should have included David Cross' rant about arrested development from the DVD on here. well at least that's how I'd make my documentary about fox.
Just recognized again: Mr. Boreanaz is way much cooler in Bones than in Buffy and Angel, am i right?!

I never liked the eyebrow-up-selfpity-face Angel did most of the time. He does the cool-womanizer-motherf***er much better. (Ok, Angelus had his scenes ;-) )
Kal Penn would never be teensy weensy! That was actually very cute, I enjoyed it, thanks for bringing the link over cabri.
Yes, I was referring solely to Kal Penn. And, yes, Ember, I should upgrade him from 'teensy weensy' to 'itty bitty' -- after all, he did have some good lines: "I mean, you're a very beautiful girl who should be covered with men. And could we be those men? It's on us." Heehee, bad pickup line extraordinaire!
Kal Penn was on Angel too. That ups him to 'recurringly used'.
He was the brain-dude that hurt poor Cordy, right? May he burn in hell be recognized for his talents.
I didn't want to mention episodes of Angel or Buffy by name because that would imply I was superior to you. I like to keep that to myself.
Man, now I want a mint condition Faster Pussycat Kill Kill lunchbox...

I like how about a quarter of the footage was reused from tv shows. :D

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