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May 29 2008

Nick Brendon treads the boards. Nicholas will star in "Three Headed Dog," directed by Tiffani Thiessen, as part of the Blank Theatre's annual Young Playwrights Festival.

Thurs June 5
Friday June 6
Saturday June 7
Sunday June 8

by Patrick Howley Age 18 Avon, CT

Heteros, step aside! In the glorious gay world of “Barney's” sales clerks, there is zero tolerance for breeders! Will one employee really lose his job
when his secret life is revealed?

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Anyone here's going to see this? We could do a special thread around that time if people want.
Another Whedoneversey not-quite-a-connection-but-close. Another play is being directed by (I know I shouldn't say this, it's a weak joke, but it'll be on everybody's mind anyway) Drusilla 's mother.
I've already got my tickets.
Where is the festival at? I might treat it as a birthday gift to me.
It's treads, not 'treds'. ;)

Good to see Nick spreading his wings. Though, I suppose he might have done some theatre work before(?). I need to watch some more of his scenes in "Criminal Minds".
Most corrected headline eva.
Is it bad that I thought boards as in bulletin boards rather than stage boards when I first read the headline? ;)
Oh, CT. Alright, maybe I won't go.

And, no, deepgirl187, I also had no clue.
Though, I suppose he might have done some theatre work before(?).

Yes. He was in Lobster Alice at the Blank two years ago, and in another young playwright performance last year.
Actually, the way I originally wrote the headline..."...trods the boards", as I recall, old theatrical slang (it possibly works better if being intoned in a quasi-Shakespearian accent LOL). So shame on me for being so obscure. ;)

And unless I'm mistaken, I think Amber Benson was also involved with the Young Playwrights Festival a few years ago.
korkster, I believe CT is where the winning writer is from. The festival itself is held in Los Angeles.

Also, am I missing where it actually says that Nick is going to be involved? All I see are the mentor, writer, & directors names. Anyone find a cast link in there?

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