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May 30 2008

Christina Hendricks on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. This is for their Summer TV Preview issue, as Mad Men is slated to return on July 27th at AMC.

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Yay, new Mad Men on July 27th and a season 1 marathon on the 20th. Can't wait!
And great that Christina gets the EW cover.

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Lord, that woman is hot. And look! Burn Notice is coming back! Yay! Yay! Yay! (And it even has a Whedon connection - Mere Smith - so I feel fully justified doing my yaying here. :P )
Am I alone in half-expecting Christina's character to betray and possibly murder some of the Mad Men?

I'm not for a moment suggesting she's only capable of playing one character, just that Saffron is that devious...
Oh, she's sooo pretty. Makes me want to color my hair red again.
Oh man, you just made my day with that cover!

If only Draper and "Red" would get together on the show...sigh. Soooo not gonna happen.

I really wish I lived in LA and could go to the Emmy buzz event for MAD MEN. Hendricks & Kartheiser both scheduled to attend. *mad jealous*
Yeah, she just oozes sexuality.

How is that show? Mad Men. I might check it out.
I really, really dig it. You should definitely check it out sometime.
I love, love, love that show. Join the cult. We have an LJ comm...and of course The Sisters do that blog thing. ;)

DVD is out on July 1.
LaneMeyer, the show is FABULOUS, highly recommend it. Very well made, well acted, well produced, interesting and well-rounded characters. Would recommend watching the marathon for season 1 to catch up, as it is definitely a serialized continuing story with great character arcs.
If you can, I recommend renting the DVDs over the on-air marathon. There has been some kerfluffle over the fact that eps were rerun this past spring with footage removed to add more commercials. Unless AMC has said they are going to go back to the pristine first-run eps for the marathon.
More Mad Men! Sweetness! So many twists in the finale, can't wait!!!
This is definitely one of the highly praised show from last summer, that really deserved all the praise it got.
It's polemic, it's even timeless in the sense that makes us question our own time.
Great! Thanks people. I'll check it out. Funny, most my tv watching comes from mentions on this board. I'm just finishing the first season of Veronica Mars now, and I'm starting to get addicted to it as the main story continues to unfold.
So, to be clear, Mad Men is on AMC? I thought they only showed movies...

And, LaneMeyer, Veronica Mars is good (Season 1 is awesome!), but do remember that it ends and there won't be anymore. I tell you this now because I was horribly shocked when I could feed my addiction anymore. :(

*stupid Joss for recommending it*
@korkster: yes, on AMC. They have been making their (SUCCESSFUL) early foray into original series with this and the challenging-but-rewarding BREAKING BAD.

I read somewhere that they may be developing a new show with one of the creators of HBO's ROME. *excited*
Okay, so steps for getting into Mad Men? The DVD does come out before the new one? Will those of us who are uninitiated be able to catch up fully?
If it's on AMC, no wonder I've never found it. My TV is pretty much set on two channels: Discovery and ESPN. And then Fox come this January.

Looks like I'll get me a new addiction this summer, from what y'all are saying! Yay! I need something to break up my marathon BtVS watching for my thesis. One can only take so much academia. :)
...I'm still holding out on Veronica Mars because my heart can only take so much breakage at a time. Maybe I'll do it once I know that Dollhouse is safe.
Thanks, ProgGrrl. I'll check it out.

*wonders off pondering how she will place the additional hours needed for TV time and still function in society*
Mad Men: love the idea, love the look of it, love the actors, but as yet not loving the stories. Hoping Season 2 will do it.
I'll echo the Mad Men love. It's easily my favorite new show last year. The writing is so good it's staggering.
*staggers with orphea*

@BandofBuggered: let me be the biggest MM Pimp in the room: the DVD of S1 is out July 1, and S2 premieres July 27. Plenty of time to catch up. (Also, there's that AMC S1 marathon if DVDs not available to you...)
Ah, danke, ProgGrrl. July is hot as hell here (AZ), and I'll need things to pass the daylight hours. Like a show that will make me least after several screwdrivers. Looks like I have plans leading up to the beginning of next semester!
OK here is a full pimp list, from Sepinwall:

* "Mad Men" season two will debut on Sunday, July 27th, at 10 p.m., the show's new timeslot.

* "Mad Men" season one will come out on DVD on July 1.

* "Mad Men" season one, for those of you who don't buy DVDs but do have On Demand, will be available On Demand in both standard and high-def versions starting June 30.

* "Mad Men" season one, for those of you who don't buy DVDs and don't have On Demand, will be rerun in an all-day marathon starting at noon Eastern on July 20.

Good lord, she's a pretty lady.

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