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May 30 2008

New Serenity: Better Days artwork up for auction. There's some really nice Will Conrad original artwork up for grabs. Oh and Will's taking questions in the comments section if you want to ask him something.

Hey Folks, it's Buffy/Angel & Serenity artist Will Conrad here!! Well, I guess there's no need to say how browncoat I am. I'm very please to have been allowed to work on both series and to have the chance to collaborate once more with Joss :)

The original art for the SERENITY BETTER DAYS are now available for online auction on e-bay, and more will be put up soon by the person responsible to handle originals for me.

If there's any question about the art for sale, or any questions or comments at all that anyone would like to ask to my humble self, I'll be very pleased to answer and chat about.

I'm glad to be here!

Just wanted to chime in and say that you've done some great work, Will!
I've got a question for Will, how did you come to work on Joss' comic books?
Hi Will. Do you have a favorite character to draw? Is anyone particularly difficult to draw? And what are you happiest with from the past miniseries, in terms of how the art came out in the end? I loved the panel with Book's criminal fantasy, myself. It was really fun.

ETA: Also, I liked both miniseries a lot, especially Better Days. So in case you come back and answer while I am away from the internet this weekend, thanks for bringing the Firefly world back to life.

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Thanks! I'm glad you like the way the art came on these issues. The first work I did with Joss was in the first Buffy series, inking. After doing some art samples, I got a chance to do some pencils. I worked about 2 1/2 years on Buffy, and got used with Joss' universe. When the chance came to do Serenity, it was like home :)

My favorite character from the series is Wash (:() I just loved the character for it's hylarious personality and ability, as well as his devotion to his wife. Oooh how I moan when he died... I think the most difficult character to draw is Inara, because she is sooooo beautiful that any line out of place may not make justice to the character. The great thing about doing these mini series was that I felt like I was inside the ship with the crew all the time. I had to sit with them in the dinning room and fly through the verse with them. It was a great joy that I hope will soon happen again.
Will, I just wanted to chime in and say that I am blown away by the art for the new series. I am agonizing over which of the pieces up for auction I want the most! I don't really have any questions right this second, but thanks for diving in and offering to answer questions here.
Hi, Will, I just want to say that I loved your work. I actually got so excited that I took the first issue when I got it and made my non comic-buying Browncoat friends admire it. And they did...and then they paid for their own!

I have a question: who had the final decision on whether Book's hair would be in braids a'la Serenity or in his ponytail from Firefly? And how in the world did the image of River's fantasy come about? It was so random and awesome!

I wish I could buy an original, but my meager student's income (nothing) won't let me. I hope they go to worthy persons!
Hi Will. Very happy to see you here and answering questions. I love the artwork in the comics, and really liked the special cover you did for the variant edition.

My question is probably the lamest one possible. Is there any chance you'll be at San Diego Comic-Con this year?
I loved doing the first series and I think it really worked very well linking the show and the movie. I specially love the colors, since I'm a huge fan of Laura Martin's work.

This mini series was more like an episode itself and I felt more comfortable and used to the characters. So it was also a great experience, and everybody involved were great.

Books hair was not much of a decision, since this story takes place somewhere between the episodes of the show, so I just followed the hair style he was using in the show.

I'll be doing the Paradise Comicon in Toronto Canada this year in the middle of July, and I'm very excited about it :) There's a good chance that I'll be at San Diego, but that's not certain yet. I'll have to wait a little more to see if I'll be able to get there.
Hi Will,

Thank you for Serenity: Better Days. It is beautiful. It is a Firefly/Serenity episode!

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Whoo-hoo- That is good news. I hadn't heard you would be here in Toronto. We'll have to be sure to have you sign something we can auction off at next year's Can't Stop The Serenity.

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