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May 30 2008

Pancakes (and more) For CSTS. Browncoats having a mornin' shindig in Austin, TX.

jperiodrperiod, please remember to add a period after the link title. ;-)
Damn, I wish I was still living in San Antonio, instead I'm about 7 hours away.
Will Saje be there eating pancakes? If not, I'm out. ;-)
Whoo-hoo! Pancakes Breakfast for CSTS and Equality Now. First one! Great idea Austin Browncoats!


See the tag place when you create/edit your posts. If you put the word charity in there, it helps people searching the internet for charity things find your post. Also you can put Equality Now, CSTS, Austin etc in the tags and same thing happens.


Are there any Browncoats in your area . Maybe they could have an CSTS Affiliate City Event Pancake Breakfast and raise money for Equality Now.

Sounds like a perfect Affiliate city event.
Cool. I hope you post a reminder. This will be a great opportunity for me to find out what Firefly and Serenity were all about AND to avoid studying for the bar (although I think I might be going more so for the latter).
The closest event to me is in Alberquerque, which is about 2 hours away. I haven't decided if I'd want to go to this, but with gas prices the way they are today, I'm doubtful.
Howdy all. Thanks for the comments/ideas regarding my rookie-ness about posting. I'm in the middle of setting up my new flat panel LCD TV with surround sound system, and it's a headache and a half. The remains of my brain hurt........Maybe it's time for some pancakes??

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