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May 31 2008

A 'Save Dollhouse' PSA. Glorious mickey-taking from Remote Viewing.

The video is also on YouTube if people have trouble accessing the original link.

No doubt it was done in response to the latest fan effort got mentioned here, here and here.

"It's going to be so awesome that the universe itself will become dependent on it for it's very existence."

Truer words were never spoken...
Ah, brilliant!
And the award for the most inventive re-cycling of a 'Save Firefly!' picket sign goes to ...

Remote Viewing!

I never did write 'Save Jericho' on mine.
Hee ;). Funny shit, nice one RV.
I can't get it to play. However, I can say that the quote Mrs.BigPileofDust cites is derivative of satirical reviews of The Sopranos from several years ago.
That's frakkin' awesome. And by Aussies? :D I noticed the accent before the "".
dreamlogic: it wouldn't play for me either, but, in the article below it, there's a link to it on Youtube.
Thanks, dispatch, saw it now. Nice work. Hee.
Hey peoples, thanks for the link action Simon.

I've been a member here since 2003. I don't comment often but I visit all the time, so i was really chuffed to see that someone thought the video was worth posting here. 'even happier that you guys find it amusing.

@dreamlogic, dispatch - Sorry about the bug, the flex player is new and I'm still working the kinks out, and by "working the kinks out" I mean using google, a LOT.

Anyway, it should be working ok now.

Thanks again.

[ edited by elroy on 2008-05-31 12:56 ]
That was amusing. Save Dollhouse! Tee hehe.
Buffy wasn't canceled people!
Apart from that it was funny ;)
That was bugging me, too, alexa.
This vid made me smile.
CANCELLED... Don't even kid!!!!

Funny you mention it hbojo, I was doing that anyway.

[ edited by catherine on 2008-05-31 20:17 ]
elroy - and I thought the "RSL" error I was seeing meant you were down at the local RSL club playing Keno.
alexa and swanjun, I too was bugged that once again people neglect to note that BtVS was not cancelled.
But saying that all of Joss's shows were cancelled is easier than saying, all but one of his shows, and it's kind of beside the point. Probably only people here would notice/be bothered by it, and we can pacify ourselves with minor grumblage.

'Twas quite funny, and I liked it. It was just the right amount of satire to be funny without offending anyone...including scary devotees of the late Bionic Woman. Simon, I take it that Mickey-taking is like taking the piss out of someone? I'm still learning Brit-slang.

As for turning three times and spitting, I prefer to cross my fingers and spit in my hat. And dance naked by the light of a full moon.
I actually did spill salt the other day, then throw it over my left shoulder--onto some guy's face. He was displeased. So superstitions don't always prevent bad luck! On the other hand, no ill came when I saw a chicken literally cross a road, but that's only a lame joke.
Simon, I take it that Mickey-taking is like taking the piss out of someone?

That it would be. If we can't learn to laugh at ourselves then we're a pretty pompous fandom. I thought this video was hilarious.
That was awesomely hilarious. Off to watch it again.

(I love how the music gets more ominous towards the end, with the universe's existence in jeopardy and such.)

[ edited by hacksaway on 2008-05-31 22:31 ]
Thanks for the clarification, Simon.
I wouldn't call us a pompous fandom. More like a pom-pom fandom, since we did have cheerleaders in both BtVS and AtS. :)

The beauty of being able to laugh at ourselves is that we will never cease to be amused.
That was cute! :) And thanks so much for using the flex player, elroy -- I can't do YouTube at work and waiting 10 hours to see it would've meant the end of my universe. ;)
Hmm. But how far should superstitions go? I hope not this far.

I'm hoping that with the new Fox regime and Joss's and Eliza's respective awesomeness, this new show will be beyond jinxage. Which is my special way of jinxing it.
Your jinx sounds a lot better!
Hilarious video, kudos. And the music was from Donnie Darko!

It's really too bad that eight months before the freakin' thing even airs, the fandom is already getting obnoxiously out of control. We really do turn a lot of people off by doing that.
Hah! Consider both the Mickey and the Piss well and gloriously took.

Short and pithy and quite funny, and why is it that the Ozian accent makes it even funnier? I dunno, but it does.

*spits three times over her left shoulder and makes the sign of the cross with some garlic.*
Well, Spike and Angel won't be kissing you with all that garlic around you, QG!

As someone who grew up on Disney stuff, I never, ever, expected to hear the words "Mickey" and "piss" in the same sentence. It's quite awesome, really.

And I think almost any accent other than an American one makes things much more interesting/amusing. One reason I like Man vs. Wild, and why I would much rather watch Bend it Like Beckham than most other sports-related movies.
'Man vs Wild' (or 'Born Survivor' as we know it) is entertaining enough but Bear Grylls is a bit of a plonker IMO. Basically, if you ever find yourself in a survival situation try to forget pretty much everything you've seen him do cos a lot of it will get you killed right quick. Ray Mears, though less exciting to watch, is much more respectful of the outdoors and teaches actual, usable survival or bushcraft techniques. Don't worry, he's got an English accent too ;).

(and since this thread has an Aussie flavour i'm honour bound to say that Les 'Bush Tucker Man' Hiddins would have them both for breakfast. If he found them in the bush that is ;)
Cheers, Elroy, that put a big smile on my face.

Just to clarify for non-Brits - 'taking the mickey' is slang as mild as milk but you might want to be careful talking about mickeys in front of your grandmother. At least if she's Irish, as it means penis there.
Ah, thanks for the critique, Saje; I know bollocks about the outdoors--even though my dad, went through military survival training and my brother is an Eagle Scout. So I don't think I'd be trying Bear Grylls' tricks ever.
Does Ray Mears appear on American TV?

BizarroGirl, thanks for that bit of info. It's always nice to have knowledge so as to not make an ass of myself in another country.

Back on the topic of the clip: I really hope that the Dollhouse fans who are getting a little *over* excited will see things like this and have a bit of a laugh then take time for introspection. UnpluggedCrazy has a point in saying that we're really going to mickey piss people off if we get too outspoken too soon. I think it's great that we have such a strong, devoted fandom; I hope that non-Whedon fans can think the same thing and not want to bludgeon us with heavy objects.
I hope that non-Whedon fans can think the same thing and not want to bludgeon us with heavy objects.

Some of us Whedon fans will have the heavy objects out long before then.
The "Three Bs," right, B!x?

I do acknowledge the thought behind the scary Dollvangelism; it's just gotten to be too much, too soon. Hopefully amusing clips like this one will gently chide people into chilling out.

Hey--it could happen. I like to think that we're a very smart fanbase as a whole. Can you just imagine something like Road Rules' fans trying to get the show back? *shudders*
@Braeden Fireheart, QuoterGal - What accent? I don't have an accent.

@alexa, swanjun - What BandofBuggered said.

@Mort - Surely an RSL error would stand for NOT being 'down the RSL for Keno?

@Simon - I'm with you, the first person in my line of fire when it comes to taking the mickey, is me... followed closely by anyone remotely like me. Which, unfortunately for most of Whedonesque readers, is them (oh, and Apple fanboys)!

@cabri - I'm loving the new flex thing too - but like anything new, I'm afraid of it and have to fight the urge to thrash it with a stick. You know, just to show it who's boss.

@BandofBuggered - You owe me the several hours of my life that I've lost browsing Superdickery.

UnpluggedCrazy is correct, the music is 'Slipping Away' (track 10) from the Donnie Darko soundtrack... a movie soon to be ever tainted (more so than it was by the Directors Cut) by the completely unnecessary release of a direct to DVD sequel - maybe the next PSA will be Save Donnie Darko.

Cheers all, really glad that everyone appreciated the PSA, and is on the same wavelength when it comes to being psyched about Dollhouse (and how silly the campaign is). Can't wait.

[ edited by elroy on 2008-06-02 02:41 ]
Haha, yes I've heard about the Donnie Darko sequel: S. Darko, starring Daveigh Chase in her role from the original. It's a travesty that it's being released. But a travesty I will gladly watch, if only to ridicule it.
elroy, I discovered Superdickery when I took my Superheroes and the American Culture class; it has stolen countless hours of my life, as well. Ps...they update every month (usually)! It's an interesting look into Americana, if nothing else. Plus it's funny as hell.

As for the accent thing, I'm with all of those who say you have one. It's a cool one, though.
I understand where you're coming from, though. It blew my mind once when I was on a cruise, and I asked this guy where he was from because I liked his accent (South African). He told me he liked mine...And I'm thinking to myself, I don't have an accent! But I do; it's just a typical American one. But to anyone outside the US, it's an accent. With you, to anyone besides the typical Australian, you have an accent. And it rocks.

I think that most direct-to-video things should be burned in effigy along with a voodoo prayer to stop such future things from happening. On the converse, though, it appears that High School Musical is coming to the big screen. I think the world may be going to hell in a handbasket.

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-06-02 09:24 ]
Everyone has an accent except Sean Connery (the guy's a verbal chameleon, leaping gazelle like from Russian to Irish in the blink of an eye).

Does Ray Mears appear on American TV?

Ah, that I do not know BandofBuggered (though I wouldn't be surprised if some of his series turned up on Discovery cos rather than just the pure survival stuff of Grylls, Mears also spends time with local peoples to get an idea of their way of life and the skills they use in the bush - in one memorable episode he and an Algonquin guy build a birch-bark canoe for instance).

("taking the mickey" actually means "taking the piss" BTW, discovered this a couple of years back while idly googling - it's rhyming slang where the "Mickey" in question is "Mickey Bliss". One of those instances where the true meaning is obscured because the second - i.e. rhyming - part of the rhyming slang has been dropped. Bit like "berk" which though mild enough to show up on Buffy - even over here where some channels actually edited out the "buggered" from "...we band of buggered" thus destroying one of favourite lines from the entire show - is in fact short for "Berkeley Hunt", which is rhyming slang for ... well, i'll leave that as an exercise for the reader ;)

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