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June 01 2008

Amber Benson filming 'Another Harvest Moon' this month in Pennsylvania. Another Harvest Moon, to be shot starting this month in central Pennsylvania, is being headlined by Ernest Borgnine. Amber is mentioned as being part of the cast.

How exciting! I wonder if she will have any scenes with Cybil Shepard? That may be a very interesting combination of scene talent.
Like Bob Barker, Ernie Borgnine is older than dirt!

This sounds very cool, indeed.
Ye Gawds, a high school crush (from her Kodak comemrcials) and Amber in one film. I wonder if my heart can take it. Plus Lieut. Commander McHale :-). I read half of an interview with Borgnine in Filmfax last year; he's not just a pro, he's very conscious of and thoughtful about his acting style.

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