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June 01 2008

Julie Benz interviewed on Newsarama. Benz talks about her roles in Dexter and Rambo, as well as the upcoming Saw and Punisher: War Journal movies. There's a little Buffy stuff in there as well.

Julie's great. Can't wait for Dexter to return.
I wasn't even aware that Julie was in "Rambo" until I reviewed the movie and it was a great surprise. I gave the movie a so-so 4, but Julie was great. Wonderful actress and a beautiful woman.
Good to know that she's still in touch with her Buffy buddies!

I've only seen the first episode of Dexter--I know, I know, I am incredibly lame--but it was great, as was she.
Now why can't she star with Bruce Campbell in say, Evil Dead 4?
Julie Benz has been really good on Dexter - Rita isn't much of a presence in the books, but thanks to JB she's one of the best parts of the TV series. I really love how her character evolves over the course of the first season. Can't wait for the second season to be released on DVD so I can catch up!
Yeah she made Rita's first season arc totally believable and amazing to watch. Season 2 is probably a bit more about what Dexter's going through but Rita still has some great moments and, without spoiling, there's one particular scene where Ms Benz has to do a sort of 180 degree turnabout character wise and convey it all in a single facial expression which was a fantastic little moment, really nice bit of physical acting which is funny but also makes you really feel for Rita.

I'm probably in the minority in that, extremely violent though it was, I actually quite liked 'John Rambo' and she was great in that too, kind of the human side of the film (and the ex-SAS guy was pretty hilarious I thought - and also rang fairly true to the few squaddies i've met ;).
Okay, another name to add to t he interlocking chain of who's friends off-camera :-).

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