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June 01 2008

Auction to benefit ailing Slayers artist. Legendary comic book artist Gene Colan (who illustrated two Tales of the Slayers stories by writer Doug Petrie), is seriously ill and lacking health insurance. Luckily, many of his friends...including Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, and BtVS novelist Christopher Golden...have rallied to his side, donating items for an auction to raise money for Gene's bills.

On a personal note, I'd just like to say that I had the pleasure of interviewing Gene for SlayerLit a while back, and he is every bit the gracious gentleman. He is hopeful of recovering from his ailments, and I wish him only the best of health.

Awesome that people are rallying to him. He is one of a kind and an incredibly nice guy.
Not having health insurance in the richest and most powerful country on the planet is the most evil thing ever.
I agree, TamaraC.
TamaraC I hope you meant "Not being able to afford health, or other, insurance" since there are many of us who are just barely scraping by on our minimum-wage jobs, while trying to pay rent, electric & phone bills and afford gas to drive the half-hour to aforementioned barely-paying job.

I'm glad Mr. Colan has friends who care enough about him and his health to pitch in during his time of need.
ShadowQuest, I meant that not having it by right of being a citizen was wrong. Mr. Colan should be completely taken care of and it is a complete failure of this country that he is not. Total abject failure.
As one of those people in the 'not able to afford insurance' category, I feel for the guy, and I really hope the auction goes well. It's always been a small nightmare of mine to get sick enough to need something more than a cheap Advil knock off. (Oooh, The Boys signed by Ennis! Another thing I want that I can't get without money... dang it.)
Great cause- I wish I had friends like that! That donor list actually reads a lot like my fantasy dinner party guest list. (Minus Joss, of course.)

And the irony is- I have private health insurance up the wazoo and never, ever use it because in Australia most essentials are covered though the Government funded Medicare scheme.

If a country of about 21 million people can do that, then why can't one of 303 million?
If a country of about 21 million people can do that, then why can't one of 303 million?

Maybe we would have been better off with prisoners rather than religious separatists as original settler/invaders? It can be a better class of people, after all. Just a thought.
Does anyone know if there's a way to contribute a nominal, broke-college-student's-budget amount?
As someone who's received a hospital bill on Christmas Eve (thank goodness my parents' insurance actually covered it), I really feel for Gene.

Yup, this is one more reason that I am miffed at the state of our nation. It's embarassing, really.
What we should do is tax the celebrities who go into rehab, and use that money to support those who have legitimate issues that are beyond their control.

I hope Gene has a speedy and successful recovery.
There's been talk of using Gene's existing PayPal account to accept direct donations, but I can't seem to find any information about that being in place yet. So I would suggest just keeping an eye on Clifford's auctions, and maybe also dropping in from time to time at Gene's official site,

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