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June 02 2008

A Buffy musical wedding tale. An reader tells of how she got her wedding guests to dance to "Under Your Spell".

Seems an odd choice of song for a wedding, considering the undertones that were present. After all, Tara was, literally, under Willow's spell, the realisation of which would go on to cause her to leave. I see it as poignant rather than romantic.

But what do I know? I wanted to have "gay bar" played at my wedding reception.

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The song still stands as a love song. Willow's spell only erased an argument. It didn't cause Tara to love her. "Under Your Spell" was Tara's true feelings. It was just ironic that Tara was singing about metaphorical magic (love) and Willow didn't get that Tara would love her without the literal magic.
Neat, but weird.
I remember that I posted some years ago about how some friends of mine played "Close your Eyes" during one their vow exchange during their wedding, it was quite a touching moment.
Aw, it's a sweet song. Amber's vocals make me shiver. If I ever got married again-- hahahaHAHAHA... 'scuse me, had a "moment"--I'd use it. It's not like the people who use "I Will Always Love You", which is a song about moving on from someone you love. And it's not like the song my ex-husband wanted: "If You Wanna Be Happy". Yeah, well-deserved smack to the back of the head for that one, hee.
People definitely pick some strange stuff... on a sidenote, I didn't expect to get married again. Thanks, Whe-dating ;) Whatever happened to that idea?
I Whe-dated and was Whe-dumped, heh. (Glad it worked out for you, though, zeitgeist.)

And any song is better than "The Chicken Dance". I went to a wedding a couple of years ago where bride kept asking the DJ to play it over and was months before I could get "dadadadadadaDUH, dadadadadadaDUH" out of my head. I seriously considered using a drill to bore it out of my skull. Oh god, it's in my head again, get it out get it out!

So to my mind, "Under Your Spell" is a lovely choice that is all about being enchanted by love, and it gets in your head in a good way.
When I watch Willow and Tara together (as they are meant to be), I wonder how anyone could be against them simply because they're both female characters. It's obvious how much they loved one another, and while it may not be what the majority would personally choose, it suited them.

I suppose that's why I don't "get" homophobia. Just because I'm not attracted to the same sex doesn't mean someone else isn't, and why should it bother me if they are? To each their own, right? Not everyone is the same, nor should they be required to be.

People are weird sometimes.
That's awesome. I'm getting Married in December, Maybe I should have the DJ Play this at our wedding. LOL. None of the fam would have a clue about it of course, but I think it would be a blast, nonetheless. Kudus to her for finding some small way to incorporate Buffy into her day of wedding bliss. :)
Am I sensing the return of the Loooove Thread?
Okay, I know I love to nit-pick, but I don't consider this a nit-pick.

"Under Your Spell" is a very pretty love-song. (As I recall;I've only heard it once, on the UPN rerun.) The lyrics are eprfectly universal; just because in the show it's being sung by one female character to another female character doesn't make it inapplicable to other couples. The words still eman what they mean, as words; it could have been a break-out song except there is no such market for "show tunes" anymore. If Sinatra had still been around I could totally see him including it on an album. ("Rest in PEace" could also be covered by anyone who does rockers. Admittedly, that's the only other one.)

Egotistical unscientific postscript(Wish I could get somebody to do a melody for "Blinded By the Ashes;" I could totally hear MArtina or Carrie or LeAnn doing a version of that,a nd who cares what fictionalr elationship inpsired it.)
Actually, I hadn't thought of that, but that is actually a good one. But now I got two songs that must be played at my wedding this and "Saffron's Wedding Dance" by the Bedlam Bards. Hopefully, my future wife, whoever that may be will get it, and go for the ride.
At least people finally seem to be getting it through their heads that "Every Breath You Take" is a really inappropriate song for weddings.
For anyone who wants to hear the song again, you can still buy it on Amazon. Search for the album "Once More With Feeling." They used to sell it on the iTunes music store, but evidently not anymore (or at least I can't find it).

It's definitely on my iPod.
"Every Breath You Take" good lord. Do people even read song lyrics before using them at their weddings?

For my pretend wedding, we elope to New York and dance all night to "New York City" by Cub, and maybe mix it up with "New York City" by Cub as covered by They Might Be Giants. Guess my favorite love song!
My friend (who I coerced into being as stupidly obsessed about Buffy as I am, well close at least), just got married and included a quote from the show in her invitation. She wanted something in her vows too, but fell in love with something else before she found the right quote. Sadly I didn't know the show when I got married, but you can bet we would have had something, as we got married in a bar and had a cardboard cutout of Elvis and a stuffed unicorn featured in the event (long story).
"Every Breath You Take" good lord. Do people even read song lyrics before using them at their weddings?
An ex of mine put it on an "I Love You" mix tape for me back in college. I really should have taken that as a warning sign.
Y'know, I had thought for some time after the musical aired that I'd like to use Under Your Spell at my wedding...just gotta get a girlfriend first.
At least people finally seem to be getting it through their heads that "Every Breath You Take" is a really inappropriate song for weddings.

That's hilarious! It's like when they use "Born in the USA" as a patriotic anthem or sing Randy Newman's "Sail Away" as a lullaby. I guess people only listen to the chorus.
Or the guy who called a radio station to dedicate "When Doves Cry" to his girlfriend.

Admittedly I sang "Down in the Valley (Birmingham Jail)" and "Sttreets of LAredo" to my daughter when she was little.

I really need to invest in a CD Walkman and a CD of the episode songs.
*snicker* At least they didn’t play “Let me rest in peace!!”. How do you dance to that anyway? Whoa. I had a weird train of thought there. First where Chris Daughtry would sing Rest in Peace (I think he might pull it off well) then it ended in a ball of flames where American Idol has a Buffy the Musical theme near the top whatever. *shudder*
The first song my son heard after he was born was his dad singing, "I Wanna Be Sedated", heh.

My prom theme was "In the Air Tonight", which seems to be about bloody revenge. Which made a surprisingly appropriate prom theme.
How about having "Pour Some Sugar on Me" as your prom song?
Well I sang this song at my grandmother's funeral. I was eleven years old and nobody told me it was about lesbian sex. Which would have made it cooler, but not so much for the nan.

Still made people cry though.
Aww, that's sweet.

One day, when I get married--and I hope one day I do get married--I'd love to use John Lennon's "Grow Old with Me." It's, like, the perfect wedding song.

(Unless you consider the undercurrent of sadness that permeates the song since it wasn't released until four years after he died...)
"Under Your Spell" would be an okay wedding song. Definitely better than "I Will Always Love You" or "I Dreamed a Dream." I could never use "Close Your Eyes" at my wedding; I would bawl, because I will always think of it first and foremost as having played on Becoming, Pt2.

As for prom songs, I made the DJ play "You Shook Me All Night Long." It was the only song that had the floor absolutely packed.

Yeah, my kids (when I have them) will grow up on a steady diet of punk rock. I like the idea of having them hear "I Wanna Be Sedated" first.

It would kind of amuse me to hear of someone playing "Lucky" at their wedding, or "Still Life." It's amazing that people don't listen to lyrics.
C'mon guys, "Wind Beneath My Wings." Buffy liked it. :)
Buffy liked "I Touch Myself", too. ;)
heck, at our wedding, my wife walked down the aisle to "Under Your Spell" (I entered to "I Put A Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins)--no, it was not your average wedding...
Oh. My. God. Technodestructo, those are the two coolest songs to put together for a wedding march! *steals idea for pretend wedding*
"Wind Beneath My Wings" is better than "I Honestly Love You," IMO. Techno, that is a pretty awesome song choice.

I had a friend whose dad wanted "We Are the Champions" to play instead of the Wedding March. That would have been kind of awesome.
Looking back on it, Connie Francis' 'Who's Sorry Now" was not the best choice for our wedding march.
I hope people weren't interpreting my comments as homophobic, because that'd be a sucky way for my second ever comment at Whedonesque to come across.

I was just pointing out that their relationship was hardly in a good place when she sang that song - she just didn't know it yet. The audience DID, however, which is what makes it more poignant than romantic for me, personally. That said, I haven't watched the musical in quite a while so my memory may be off.
spoof; I for one didn't and saw your point. I'm just so in "lurv" with Amber myself I can't see the sequence any other way :-).
Spoo, I didn't see it that way, either.
I think it's really cool that the writer of the linked article played "Under Your Spell" at her wedding, as it's not only a really pretty tune, but just about as honest a statement of what I like to call "blossoming love" as any I've heard. You know, the kind of feeling you have for someone else that brings your inner self out and lets it blossom? That kind.

On a side note, I don't think it's so cool that she seemed to enjoy the "subversion" of her family's tastes.
Really? And yet I think it's adorable and totally cool - she thinks her family is wonderful, but it tickled her that they were enjoying something that they might have disapproved of on paper.

That kind of subversion can be one of the ways things change - I did similar things with my own family. They learned to like and enjoy my gay friends, and then were told that they were gay. It's one of the ways my hitherto straitlaced parents came to discover that their original anti-gay position was a prejudice like any other.

By the end of their lives, my parents had come to believe that gays deserved rights like many other marginal groups, and they felt that their daughters had had an expanding and welcome effect on their perspective and understanding.

Nothing wrong with a little subversion, to my mind...
Our post-marriage walk out of the chapel was to the Buffy musical end credit song. We sang the operatic "Grr Arrgh" at the end, too.
I hope people weren't interpreting my comments as homophobic, because that'd be a sucky way for my second ever comment at Whedonesque to come across.

I understood what you meant. The song does have a darker interpretation. It's very happy-in-love in terms of what they're both feeling at the moment, but that doesn't make it any less my-god-how-could-she in other respects. I get that it's totally happy-in-love for many people as they listen and relive the moment. I have that feeling too. But it does always make me kinda sad to watch it too, knowing what's going on that's not shown.
Dark; I honestly hadn't made the connection. I didn't think what Willow did in "All the Way" was a good thing in any way, but I didn't see the parallells to Glory. Then again, I didn't see "OMWF" "TR" "Smashed" or "Wrecked" until the summer reruns. For me, the body blow was Tara kissing Kissing Girl in "Normal Again," even tho that meant very little. But yeah, dark is as dark does, I guess.
By the time I actually saw "Under Your Spell," I was just going crazy trying to find out why the lyrics were being misquoted in so many people's siggys at UPN's Threaded Bronze. I emphasize the "mis-" because I use closed captioning and "complete" was spelled correctly hrrmph.

Egotistical passage follows:

(Hell,ego being what it is, I cna't help but fanatsize about selling "Blinded By the Ashes," having it win an award that the writers accept, and _I've already timed myself- including ALy and AMber in the thank-yous, and watching what happens. And I'm not particularly a supporter of liberal causes in general.
Ia ctually wrote the firstt wo verses in my ehad, a few days after watching "Normal Again," after cashing my paycheck at the pawn shop and buying a Marty Robbins cassette and being impatient to get back to the car and listen to it. With Willow, Tara, and one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time on my mind at once, I just had to go somewhere with "We were summer gold and autumn red."
Bride and groom dance at our wedding party was Let's Get Lost by Chet Baker, which I would still maintain is the perfect song. Some may see it as a paean to the joys of shooting up, of course, but I choose not to sully it in that way.

Under Your Spell works for me - sometimes it's less about the lyrics, more about the tone of the thing. (In that way, even Every Breath You Take could work because it has a very pretty chord structure; but probably not . . . )
Let's Get Lost is a superb choice, but our song is My Funny Valentine, with Making Whoopee a close second.

Edited because: I forgot Blue Moon and Them There Eyes and I would get drummed out of the relationship if I forgot 'em.

Um... "Under Your Spell" is good, too. (Whew, back on topic and no one the wiser...)

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Valentine is gorgeous, but a little harder to swing dance to. :-)
You think that's different? In a couple of weeks I'm going to Vegas to attend the 20-year re-commitment ceremony for a buddy and his wife on the bridge of that USS Enterprise simulator at one of the hotels there. He's a total Trekker...
Nothing wrong with a little subversion, to my mind...
QuoterGal | June 03, 00:02 CET

Hear, hear!! What the world really needs right now is a whole lot more subversion. :)

Looking back on it, Connie Francis' 'Who's Sorry Now" was not the best choice for our wedding march.
Simon | June 02, 22:00 CET

OK, this entire thread is really funny, but that one made me choke on my Tazo Mango Black Tea. ;-)

As for me, I guess it didn't bode well that my ex and I fell in love to Jackson Browne, got married at a lookout on the slopes of an active volcano and split up to Sara McLachlan.
Hey, at least no Wind Beneath My Wings was involved. ;)

ETR typo

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When I was doing the music for my wedding, I had the OMWF 'Buffy' theme and the 'Angel' one on the music that would play while we signed the marriage register.

Unfortunately, one of my bridesmaids thought my intended groom was an early thank you gift, which quickly put paid to the whole shebang. (His parents and mine felt so bad they not only made sure I got the house, the car AND the dog, they also made him pony up for all costs and used the venue to throw his brother an early 21st!)

Strangely, I still have that mix CD, and it has given me far more entertainment and joy than what HE ever did!
Yikes, not a nice fella. It's also totally stepping on his best man's toes which is very uncool ;).

Hey, at least no Wind Beneath My Wings was involved. ;)

Y'know the bit in the guitar shop in 'Wayne's World' where they have the "No Stairway" sign ? I think they should also have signs saying "No 'Wind Beneath My Wings'". On every flat surface in the world.
Well, Sage, I probably should confess that, rather than go all Miss Havisham, I much later utilized the best man myself for a cold serving of 'good-for-the-gander' sauce!

Speaking of bizarro wedding songs, I once went to the wedding of two school teachers, where a full children's choir sang 'The Greatest Love of All'. Not so bad, you say?
Then imagine that happening while pictures of the happy couple doing their jobs flashed up on the screen.
The grand finale featured the pair with some random baby pictures from a catalogue that had been photoshopped in to depict the now completed 'happy family'.

I actually had to excuse myself to the bathroom so I could laugh with impunity. (And yes, they're now divorced. No kids, either!)
Theme weddings aren't always as cool as the prospective couple thinks they'll be.

And sometimes they are.

A friend of my former best friend is getting married this a Renaissance festival. It's where she & her fiance met, when he was working there. So of course they'll be wearing appropriate attire. Well, "period" clothing. Not so sure how appropriate dark blue velvet bridesmaid dresses will be this summer...

A sense of humor can make a more traditional wedding a much more comforatable affair - at my cousin's wedding last summer the pastor asked for "a show of hands of those of you who never thought this day would come." Everyone raised their hands. "And how many of you are here to make sure Tim goes through with this?" All the hands stayed up.

I have no plans for a wedding, since there's that minor little matter of not having a signicicant other, but if I ever do I'd like to use "Highland Cathedral," which is a Scottish wedding march. Yes, bagpipes. Or possibly Altan's "The Wedding," which is Celtic fiddle.

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