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June 02 2008

The 2008 Hot 100 list is out. Voted on by AfterEllen readers, Eliza Dushku (28), Alyson Hannigan (59) and Amber Benson (65) make the 2nd annual list.

They're doing video blogs of the countdown this year. 75-51 will be up Tuesday which covers Aly and Amber. Eliza will be covered in Wendesday's 50-26.

ETA - The AfterElton list is out as well. Cheers, Leaf.

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It is a pretty awesome list.
Here is AfterEltons list of men. David is #42 and Neil Patrick Harris is #5.
As usual, there's one thing upon which Maxim and AfterEllen can agree on...

Eliza Dushku.
and Neil Patrick Harris Dr. Horrible is #5.
I loved the list. NPH is making his way up in the world. I can't help but love HIMYM as I would a Whedon show, and I am grateful that in the face of Doctor Horrible I no longer have to consider him an honourary Whedonite.

Luke MacFarlane is a weird one, but outing oneself so close to the vote doesn't help. John Barrowman is a no-brainer, and Jake G was surprisingly highly ranked. Who's expecting to see our Dollhouse men appear in the 2009 edition? I think it's likely.

EDIT: Whoops, completely missed the girly list. A less regular blog visit, I'll admit. Nice seeing our action chicks, like Lena Headey and Lucy Lawless. Expect a top 5 for Eliza next year, methinks. And it's nice that Willow's fantasy French Alps lover, Tina Fey, made it all the way to #1.

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Also Laurel Holloman of "Angel" fame made the list at number 13...

...and apparently I have the same tastes as a lesbian woman. Excellent list.

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Awesome list. Go Tina!
All my favourites are there! well, almost all. But no one ever's completely happy with these list.
I still agree with this list. One of the bests I've seen.much better than AfterElton's Hot100
Ooh, and continuing the Buffy lurve, Clea Duvall (who played Marcie Ross) came in at #83.

Direct links to Amber, Alyson, and Eliza for your convenience too. :-)

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