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June 02 2008

Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine selects Buffy as Best TV Superhero. (Scroll down in the article for Buffy mention.) The June issue of the magazine calls Cordelia a "prissy teen-queen," however. So points deducted for that. Cordy may have been lots of things, but "prissy"? Never.

Oh cool, I'll be flying Southwest this weekend. Now I'll have a reason other than checking for the price of in-flight booze to look at Spirit.
Woot? Derek Shepherd got a mention and the versatile, multi-leveled Dr. House was overlooked?
What an honor? lol. Sorry, it's just kind of random.
fortunateizzi, I happened to be on a Southwest flight yesterday and it caught my eye. Thought the Whedonesquers might find it interesting, random or not.

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“Dates are things normal girls have, girls who have time to think about nail polish and facials. You know what I think about? Ambush tactics.”

That's actually an awesome quote. Usually these kinds of pieces stick to the quotes that are more typical teenage girl and less Slayer.
This is funny, because I recently flew American Airlines and there was a reference to Angel in an article in their on flight magazine.
Anybody else notice that in the runners up section of the "Space Chief" contest they matched the wrong pictures up with the descriptions?
Yes, I found it quite annoying :-)
What, are you saying that Edward James Olmos DIDN'T play James T. Kirk?!
Good timing! If only the author and/or the copy-editor knew the difference between "lay" and "lie"!
Who is this person who doesn't know what Kirk looks like?
Hah! I confess myself to be rather ignorant when it comes to lots of TV, especially older TV, and I said to myself as I scrolled down, "I never realized William Shatner looked so much like that guy on Battlestar Galactica." :-)
I noticed that too! Happily, they've got the right picture with the right name in the print version.
Probably one of the airline's navigators laid out the article..........................

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