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June 02 2008

'Vampire People' named a Book of the Year. Allyson Beatrice's Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? takes third place in ForeWord Magazine's Book the Year Awards.

Congrats to Allyson! The book is a fun read, especially "Celebrity Pussy". In fact as I remember, Allyson herself read a section to us at Comic-Con last year. It was great to hear her read the essay. More, more, more!
I really want to read this..:(
Allyson! (it's a chant) Allyson! Allyson!
Congrats to Allyson! My favorite chapter is "Random Acts of Paypal."
Well done, Allyson :) Anyone who hasn't should check it out, as its a really fun read.
Yes, do read it. It's a hoot.

Congrats, Allyson!
Wow! Congratulations, Allyson... what exciting news! /moves Vampire book to the top of nightstand pile.
Congrats. I ditto zeitgeist. It was a fun read.
Very well deserved indeed. Kudos :).
I too want to read this. Just recently a couple of my non-fan close friends suggested that a book should be written about the happy craziness of BtVS et al. fans, and I was pleased to tell them it already had been.
This book is wonderful! Congrats, Allyson!!!
Well deserved, a book filled with LOL moments. Which can be embarressing if you start it while having coffee and a pastry at Starbucks, by your lonesome ;)

Celebrity Pussy is probably my favorite chapter as well (I wont elaborate because this is sure to catch the interest of anyone who hasn't read it yet).

Most bizarre story and funniest chapter title has to go to Munchausen's by Internet.

OK Ms. Beatrice, I'm waiting for a cut for pimping. :-)
congratulations Allyson! I look forward to reading this. It is wonderful that it is getting recognition.
This is great news! I passed the book around some family members to better get them to understand that my Whedon obsession is NOT weird, geeky or even, in any way, unique.

It proved to be a real talking point.
Way to go Allyson! Congrats on recognition you deserve. I got such a kick out of the book.
Congratulations, Allyson! I'm still looking forward to reading this book - I have it on hold at the library. I, too, may pass it around my family and non-Whedon-type friends when I buy my copy. What? I have one, or two non-Whedon friends.
Congratulations, I look forward to reading it.

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