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June 02 2008

Angel: After The Fall #10 to get Comic Con variant cover. According to the Previews press release, it'll be a "wraparound cover with gold foil enhancements. Plus, every copy comes signed by artist Alex Garner! Limited to 2,500 pieces.".

Very nice. I finally started reading my copies of ATF. Just got through #1,2 so far.

Although this makes me think, I wonder if there is going to be a Serenity or Buffy comic variant cover at Comic-Con too.


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Well, should be, except the latest Serenity series is over, and the next Buffy comic is supposedly available nine days after CC closes. There could be something planned.
I wonder if they will release issue 17 of Buffy a week early like they did last year with issue 5.If I remember,Dark Horse released The Chain a week early last year so people would have the new issue at Comic Con for Joss to sign.
I'm going to Comic Con this year, so I hope I can snag one.
So how does this work? Certain places will offer them and you just have to find out whom? There will be an IDW booth that sells them exclusively? I'm a Comin Con newbie, so don't understand how this happens.
Since this is being listed by Previews/Diamond, then that is likely the booth where you will find them. But it could also be at the IDW booth. Those should be the only 2 places where you will find it for the original price. Some dealers buy up a few and offer them at their booth for a higher price, hoping to catch someone unaware.

The Comic-Con site will have a page devoted to all the exclusives, so that will be a resource for things like this.

Oh, my first comment above, just a little more than me wondering. You might even say it was a hint.
Wow, gold foil enhancements? Is it 1996 again?
Thanks, danregal for the hint. I didn't realize such wonders were in store for CC. Good thing I already purchased my 4-day ticket, since they're sold out now.


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