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June 03 2008

(SPOILER) Alex Garner's cover for Angel After The Fall #11. Have a look at the incredibly vibrantly red cover for ATF's August issue.

I changed the link to Brian Lynch's blog as that's where the cover came from (I'm all about giving credit where it's due).

I like the cover, it's miles better than say oh I dunno this one (Angel as done by Judd Apatow).
I really like this cover. There's so much emotion and a sense of action. The red is very bright, but it works here. I much prefer this to the other Angel/Gunn cover - not sure what issue it was for, but there was a preview thread here a little while was the one where they looked like they were about to kiss.

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Sorry, Simon, I guessed it was from Brian's blog, but for the life of me I couldn't find the right URL.

This cover goes head-to-head with Alex's one with Illyria looming over Fred. We definitely have found IDW's equivalent of Jo Chen in terms of image power.
This is awesome! It has a great feel to it and I agree Perseo on a parallel with Jo Chen's work.

I'd not seen that other one Simon but now I wish I hadn't, I cannot see any resemblance to the characters (other than the clothing) in it at all, it is bizarre and rather disturbing.
Aaah. Wonderful :-) Without a doubt the best one yet. Bursting with life... or, unlife?
I should very much like to see Jason Segel play Angel, as he seems to be doing on that cover.

Also, I'm glad to see Angel . Much better.
I don't know, the one Simon linked to is much funnier. :)
It would be funny if we replace Illyria with Willow, then people would be asking: "There`s a comic of "How I Met Your Mother"?"
There's even swords in Ted's apartment, for that.
Except Lily doesn't have a stunted left arm . . . that is a rather odd cover.
Also, I'm glad to see Angel . Much better.

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I don't think he's actually
Great cover.Cant wait to get back to the main story!
First time I looked at it, I thought it was the Master.
One of the best, if not the best, covers so far.
Jo Chen, look out, look's like we've got someone to rival your artistic awesomeness, and his name is Alex Garner.

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It's great, but I think it will amazing if the background was black.
That is one gorgeous cover. Gunn's image does remind me of the Master-it's very eerie. The likeness to DB is very striking but what fasinates me is the detail of the hand holding the stake in the drawing.

I like it and wish all the covers had been as finely rendered as this one was.
I love that cover! Consider it my new background.

*removes Indy*

Okay, Simon, are you serious that that hideous thing you linked is an actual cover??? Ew. I totally feel gross that my $2-something could come packaged as that.

*crosses fingers*

BTW, I don't think Angel is "vamped" here like others have said. No need for black, because, since I'm an issue behind there hasn't been mention of it yet. Angel's "Scrunched" face just seems to be breaking a sweat and really trying hard, while Gunn's is ticked off and vampy.

Need proof? The teeth (indicated as the only white on the page) should clear it up for you.


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