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June 03 2008

Reminder: Buffy #15 ships tomorrow. According to Diamond's shipping list.

Woohoo! Always look forward to "Buffy Day" each month. :) Can't wait for this latest issue.
Bless lovely Dark Horse for not toying with fans' emotions. They may be #3 in the comics universe, but they're #1 with me.
You forgot about the lunchbox!
There's also an Astonishing X-Men sketchbook out this week. Now that Joss is off it I know it's not strictly Whedonesque but it'll let people see what Simone Bianchi's like, might be of interest.
I must admit, I'm very excited for the Fruity Oaty Bar lunchbox--I think that was supposed to come out in time for my birthday (3 months ago), so I'm glad to finally be able to get it!

I might look through the sketchbook now that I know about it (cheers, Saje, for the knowledge), because I loved John Cassaday's work and I'm curious to see how the new stuff will measure up!
I'm very excited for the Fruity Oaty Bar lunchbox

We may actually have a discussion thread for the lunchbox. I am looking forward to Buffy even though this arc has felt the lightest in terms of content.

I am looking forward to Buffy even though this arc has felt the lightest in terms of content.

The arc might be light in content (have to think about that one), but it feels like the voice and the tone ring true far more often.
I sort of expect a twist at the end of this issue. Despite the increased antics, this arc has not felt lighter in content to me. And it's seemed more coherent story-wise.
Agree, Herb and Sunfire, I've found this arc to be the most echt-Buffyish of the lot, by a large margin...I can almost see the story flowing in real motion, which is a neat trick to pull off.

Glad this was posted, I will try to pick up on the way home from work tomorrow.
I too feel that this arc is a little lighter in content, almost diluted in a way. But it's okay, as it's kind of a calm before the storm. After this one, I think that everyone will be way more in the *ahem* fray.

And yes, I do expect a twist. But, it better not be more slayer deaths--how many is this, thus far? It's at least double digits, with Renee on the critical list...
Hi herb! I didn't know we had a "herb" for a mod. Nifty!

I just think none of the characters have had time to process the information. Kind of like the end of Season 4 (pre-battle). It took one episode to catch up on all of the drama that was lacking.

There's a time for everything, I guess.
The Fruity Oaty Bar lunchbox is my desktop image at work. I love it when people recognize the reference!
It will be interesting to see how this arc finishes.

I think one of the things that has bothered me throughout this experience of Buffy S8, is that I do not really get this comic definition of "arc." All of the identified arcs have seemed totally unfinished to me. They seem more like fragments than arcs. For me, there has been no satisfaction at the end of any of them. Maybe this weekend I will go back and read all 15 an see if that helps me see anything in the story coming to fruition.

"Hi herb! I didn't know we had a "herb" for a mod. Nifty!"

My impression of herb, is that he is quiet but least when it comes to Whedonesque. ;-)
Hey, newcj, when you read Faith's arc, you should see closure. That one was finished pretty well. #5 was a stand alone, an arc in itself. 10-whatever is still going on, yes? I honestly can't remember 1-4, except that it brought back Willow, which always makes me happy. Oh, and it introduced our "evil" evil.

Reading them straight should give you an arc-ish feel. In fact, I think I'll read mine too. Oh, the memories!

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