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"Actually, if anyone asks, don't say I got beat up by a one-armed girl."
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June 03 2008

Joss featured on Rolling Stone's Top 10 Best in TV and beyond. Joss and Eliza make the list of awesomeness, along with the Muppets and others!

A silly list for the most part, but they mark Dollhouse as both "Actually Excellent" and "Secretly Genius." Which we knew all along.

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I dunno, yes, ELiza qualifies as a pin-up babe, but she also has real and serious artistic talents. (And that is what they call 'em in the catalog in her case.) This isn't a political thing with me, just personal pique. I wish they'd spend more time harping on something else.

But, at least they're showing some taste. I go back far enough to remember the David Cassidy cover.

It's The Muppet Show, with our very special guest, Eliza Dushku! Yay-ayy! Nah, maybe not. Her checking into the Milard Fillmore Hotel on The Jim Nabors Hour yeah, maybe, except frank Sutton died before she was even born.
Frank Sutton is my neighbor's name. He's still very much alive. ;)
"I'm a big Eliza Dushku fan." Ten thousand single bloggers nod silently.

I'm no blogger, but I'll nod silently with the best of them.

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"Ten thousand single bloggers nod silently".

Love that quote.
Ah, more buzz, and pretty high profile, too. Eliza's pretty self is an obvious draw for publicity, but I'm seeing homage to Joss's cult-genius status in pretty much every blurb, as well.
It's all good. Except the wait until January.

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