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June 04 2008

Firefly/Serenity reference at 'HijiNKS Ensue' today. Re: Universal Studios fire.

No Serenity props were harmed in the making of this webcomic.

They're saying Serenity has no chance of getting a sequel?

That was harsh.
...and grammatically incorrect.
I thought it was funny. :)
Yeah, that was actually pretty funny.
Hasn't this already been posted? Or am I having deja-vu?

And I prefer "I unclog my nose at you, animal food trough-wipers!"
It was linked to in the comments of the Universal Fire thread. It was not linked on the front page.
Oh blasphemeric artisans of ridicule! May evil and souless squirrels taunt you in your never ending squirrel filled dreams.

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