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"grr... argh"
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June 04 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for Runaways #30. Joss' stint ends with this issue and if all goes according to plan it'll be out on June 25th.

Also "Season Finale" for this run / volume, as the Runaways return in another few months in another relaunch, with a new writer and new artist helming the series.
Whedon’s Runaway Smash Hit Concludes!

Pun hurts.
So its been delayed again. This is absurd, who is causing the constant delays? It's taken nearly 15 months to release 6 issues.
Oh come on, are they seriously starting at #1 again ? Sure it's just a number, like when things continue. It's gotta be confusing for folks who track down the backissues but are somewhat uninitiated in the ways of comic books and their "volumes/versions" and constant reboots.

I wonder if it was always planned to reboot, or if it was a big Marvel decision to save face or something or wipe the slate clean. At the very least, it makes it seem more like Terry Moore's run is getting serious respect as it'll be his separate arc (in the beginning anyway).
It seems like Marvel's just trying to reel all of the fans who drifted away during Joss's incredibley drawn-out run back in. A LOT of people at my comics store have dropped the book because they were so fed up with all the delays, so hopefully they come back to check out the new number one.

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