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June 04 2008

Rotten Tomatoes says Serenity is fifth best-reviewed TV adaptation of all time. In their list of the 50 best jumps from the small screen to the big screen (in terms of critics' estimations), Rotten Tomatoes gives the BDM some love.

This is a much happier occasion than the last time I linked to Rotten Tomatoes.

(Though I still fail to comprehend how the Wild Thornberrys and Simpsons movies cracked the top ten.)

Besides Borat being number 1, the top 10 list is pretty good. Maybe some funky ordering, but anyway. After that there comes more weirdnesses, silly movies, Untouchables being so low on the list, Mission Impossible III being 16. I mean, did anybody actually like that piece of ****? Not that the previous two were that great either, but they were at least watchable...
That's a pretty good top ten!!!! Other than I've never seen the simpsons or the wild thornberrys - the rest of those movies are really good - way to go Serenity.
First Contact at 6 and Wrath of Khan at 7? I'm afraid I can't trust this list at all.
"Weirdness, silly movies," tv to movie transitions.
How can the Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Life of Brian possibly be missing?
Guess they don't really think of them as adaptations of Flying Circus. Which in all fairness isn't that crazy. Though I think they should be included in any list possible.
I love Serenity but better than Wrath of Khan? I think not.

Also The Simpsons movie at number 3? It was good but it wasn't that good. Again are they seriously suggesting its better than Serenity, The Fugitive, Wrath of Khan and First Contact?
The Groosalugg sez: "... guess they don't really think of them as adaptations of Flying Circus."

... and yet they apparently consider Borat an adaptation of Da Ali G show and the Wayne's World & Blues Brothers films adaptations of Saturday Night Live ... so if those are in, the Monty Python films certainly should be (and ditto Brain Candy, the Kids in the Hall movie).

Lots of oddities. "Josie & the Pussycats" did indeed have a TV cartoon, but it's a comic-book property. If comic-book properties that have had TV shows count as TV adaptations, then the Hulk and Spider-Man films are TV adaptations too (which, of course, they aren't, anymore than Josie & the Pussycats."

Still, fun list ... and Serenity kicked butt on all the Trek movies, so: yay!
Wish they would have used the Serenity Collectors Edition cover.
Yes, Brain Candy! Heh, back in the day, I rewatched that movie so many times with my roommates. We had every scene memorized, ah good times.
I'm just amazed that the Simpsons movie beat Serenity...
Goofy characters? Goofy??
Borat is a character that began life on a TV show. So it should be there. The Monty Python movies on the other hand do not use any of the TV characters or sketches (except of course, "And now for something completely different"). And this isn't a subjective list RT came up with. It's little down to their tomatometer score which totals up positive reviews vs negative reviews. If the Simpsons reviewed well then it can't be faulted being on the list. The flaw is, of course, that The Simpsons got mostly good reviews for generally being not as bad the TV show is right now.

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