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June 04 2008

(SPOILER) Pink Raygun reports some new Dollhouse spoilers. Some new bits among the old.

IO9 got the info from here: PinkRaygun. That link's good if you only want the spoilers for Dollhouse, while avoiding spoilers for other shows.

Thanks for the other link JMaloney. I clicked on the first one only to immediately shut it down after seeing BSG appear in the title. I'm two episodes behind right now and am trying to stay spoiler free. I don't know why my spoiler resolve is so weak when it comes to Dollhouse, normally I'm quite solidly against spoilage. But on this front I find that I am weak, DH spoilers are like a piece of homemade pie, resistance is futile and all that. ;) That is quite the quote from Topher...
Judging from that quote from Topher it seems to me
I've been thinking that, once the show airs, I'll probably stop following the spoilers. It's just that I'm so desperate for a scrap of something at this point, but I don't really want to know plot turns in advance.

I too live in terror of BSG spoilage—I'm just on 3.09 now and trying to catch up in time to watch at least some of S4 as it airs.
If a blog/site is sourcing from elsewhere, please link to the original source. It's the decent thing to do. The Dollverse stuff we ran with yesterday so I changed the link and title to Pink Raygun's info.*

*Which comes from the pilot script.
I've been thinking that, once the show airs, I'll probably stop following the spoilers.

That's actually my plan as well. I was even planning on not being spoiled past the pilot, but January is just so far away.
Sorry, Simon. I didn't think about that when I posted it. Thanks for fixing it.
If you are normally spoiler adverse it might be worth being careful now. The scripts for all 13 episodes will likely make their way online before January, which will spoil, well, everything in the show. I heard a base outline for the show back when it was first pitched, and can safely say it really will spoil the ride. Hell, there's a few surprises in the first ep alone.
Mm, thanks for the warning, Gossi. Perhaps I ought to start swearing them off now.
Yeah, after reading this latest one, I'm shutting it down (my spoiler reading, that is). Nothing major in this one, but a few bits are much more specific than I've read previously. I can't wait for this show, but I want it to feel fresh when I DO watch it.
I guess I'm naive, but I'm really surprised that all the scripts will have leaked before the first ep airs. Wow. I suppose I'll be swearing off spoilers from now on too. I'm excited for DH but I want to be able to fully experience it, and that means the surprises should be surprises. (January is still so far away though.;) I'm putting 'learn self-control' on my to-do list, once I start a to-do list.
Well, they might not, but certainly during the Buffy and Angel days the scripts were online (along with the actual episodes) well before they had aired.
Yeah, like I said gossi, naive. I had no idea, I wasn't really 'down with the interwebs' back in the day. :)

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