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June 04 2008

Alan Tudyk Pilot taping June 18th in Burbank. Free tickets available, get 'em while they last.

This new untitled comedy from the creators of "Will & Grace" revolves around two men - one straight, one gay - who are lifelong best friends and business partners. Both of them are in serious romantic relationships and try to find a balance between their allegiances to each other and to their significant others. Starring Alan Tudyk, Josh Cooke and Sarah Lafleur. Minimum age 18.

Thanks to Heidi from the OB for the info.

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:( I hate not living in Burbank... I wanna go!!
I hope Alan Tudyk is the gay one!
I'm totally going!
FTC, he is indeed the gay partner.
While I'm ecstatic that Tudyk is getting work (and admittedly I'm almost tempted to see it to see the potential man on man action with the hawtness that is Tudyk) and God knows I love him dearly, seeing that this comedy is from the creators of Will & Grace, I don't think I'll be watching.

Will & Grace was hands down the gay answer to Amos & Andy in that reinforced most of the denigrating stereotypes that GLBTs have to contend with daily. That show (along with Queer Eye) did more harm to gay progress than Jim Phelps could ever hope.

Said creators could certainly learn a thing or two from Whedon about representing minorities, specifically GLBTs IMHO.
If I didn't have to work in Pasadena until after the taping starts, I'd so be there!
I tried to order 3 tickets but wasn't allowed to. Something's not working. Did anyone have success?

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