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June 05 2008

SFX Magazine has the first pic of Nathan in Dr.Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Sadly it's not online (boo!) but if it's any consolation he does strike a manly pose in his costume.

In the article, Joss reveals that he did pitch the idea to a company but he ended up financing it himself.

Okay, I know we don't link to scans here, but I must go searching for a scan, as I'm sure someone's bound to put one up... where do you folks who like early scans like to hang out? Hint anyone?
Jeez, Mulder's having a bad hair day. Did no-one tell him he was getting his photo taken ?
This cover appeared in another thread and I had a similar reaction to that X-Files photo. Glad it's not just me. I don't get it-- they're both so pretty normally.
Jeez, Mulder's having a bad hair day.

You should see him on the free poster, it looks like he's been CGIed.
That was an awful tease, Simon!

And, yeah, definately CGIed. Don't they realize that wrinkles are okay? His hair looks like it was going for Angels hair but forgot to stand up. Hrm.
On Mulder being was aliens I tell ya!
Government conspiracy.
I don't know about any o' y'all, but I think Duchovny looks abso-frackin'-loutely HOT.
(And so does Anderson.)
It's a photo shoot, y'all. Not a scene from the movie.
That's a picture of Duchovny and Anderson. Not "Mulder and Scully".
: /
Sure is lucky that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson turned up to the photo-shoot wearing Mulder and Scully's clothes, hairstyles (ish) and make-up or that could've been a disaster ! ;)

On Mulder being was aliens I tell ya!

Anonymous1 | June 06, 04:09 CET

Government conspiracy.

Anonymous1 | June 06, 04:10 CET

Aliens and a government conspiracy ! Must be Friday ;).
I like to believe that DD & GA can dress themselves better than that. It had to be Mulder & Scully. What do the FBI know about fashion?
Mulder and Scully were always decently dressed. I think it was just the photoshoot choices. And possibly editing afterwards. And I do think that is meant to be their characters there and not themselves. You can tell by the subtle conspiracy-mindedness in their expressions*.

*Possibly made up. It's the dearth of Dr. Horrible photos, it's gone to my brain.

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