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June 05 2008

City of Angel interview with Juliet Landau. It was conducted when she was at Motor City Comic Con last month. There's some nice little tidbits to be had.

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Great interview!
Nice to know that she added so much to the part!
I love the comments about Darla/Drusilla. *g* I think there are heavy implications for all 'ship combinations of the Fanged Four, except maybe Spike/Darla.
Very nice interview. It really sounds like James and Juliet got along very well, even James has said so. But I am kinda surprised at her comment about ad libbing and adding to her part. I seem to remember James saying that it absolutely was not done. If he said anything that wasn't in the script, they had to retake the scene. Or am I remembering that wrong? Or maybe James wasn't as good at ad libbing as Juliet was. Nah, James is perfect in all he does, so it can't be that...
Juliet said:
JL: The writing was brilliant. All of the stuff was scripted except Dru's cry and laugh. (Juliet demonstrated both). The physicality, rolling on the floor, dancing on the table, licking Spike's cheek etc., etc; that was the stuff they let me go to town on. That was what made it so fun as an actress. There was a lot of freedom. It was very collaborative.

so it was the physicality that she added, not the lines. All of the actors have said that they weren't permitted to ad lib lines.

It really sounds like James and Juliet got along very well.

You're right. I had the pleasure of seeing James and Juliet together at DragonCon and the affection and respect was readily apparent.
resa - You're right, now that I read it again she is talking about the physical stuff. I knew I wasn't crazy in remembering that they weren't allowed to add any words. Hey, I'm just amazed I remembered anything at all!! It's such a sad state of affairs when the mind goes.
That was a real nice read. Thanks for posting!
Coming to this late but:

1-A sexual thing between Darla & Drusilla; yes, plausible. Even Dalra /Spike, one on one tho. If vampires siring each other are a form of family, it seems, being twisted from human reaction patterns, there's a sort of incest commandment going with it.

2-Avery Schreiber and Susan Peretz; two very talented people. RIP (I was quite the fan of both My Mother the Car and Babes, not to define them that way, tho, please.)

3-I loved Spike and Drusilla together,as much as I hated them as individuals. I called it a terrifying sweetness.

4-Yes, SPike has a soul,b ut stranger things have happened. Perhaps he could attack her with a syringe of Mohra demon ichor, with another for himself after.
(Heck I even ficced the idea of a souled Drusilla living on a Ringworld; of coruse Angel is with Cordy Spike's with Buffy and Darla's with Lindsey but Dru copes, quite happily. In my other, main, ficverse, Buffy and Harmony are both happily married and Spike relaizes Dru was his eternal one, altho he's not sure what exactly he'll do with her once he finds her again.)

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