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June 05 2008

Mad Men up for four Television Critics' Awards. Lists the nominees for the awards, as well as a lamentation that TCA seems to be overly guy-centric. The article's proof? The TCA's snubbage of our own BtVS when it ran.

Battlestar Galactica gets some nods, as does Masterpiece: The Complete Jane Austen, in which Anthony Stewart Head appeared.

BSG did not get any nods that I could see, except from the article itself (and not the TCA's).

I think reading sexism into the nominations is pretty silly. BSG and Buffy snubbed because they have strong female characters? No--it's because they are genre shows, which are seldom critical darlings, outside of freak accidents like Lost which catch the favour of the critics and never let go. Buffy did actually get a few noms for best drama series and program of the year back in the day (two years, actually), according to the IMDb, not to mention a nom for performer of the year for SMG. It should have gotten more noms (and probably some wins!) obviously, but I don't think it's proof of much.

Although, back to this year's nominees: seriously, Lost? LOST? For program of the year and best drama series? Over the dozens of other more deserving shows--not the least of which include BSG and Dexter? This show jettisoned depth years ago, and even its best season (the first, clearly) can't compare with these shows, or any of Joss's.

But I do give a shout-out to the comedy nominees: The Office and both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report? Yes!
I found the most recent season of Lost to be quite compelling in a way that it largely hasn't been for years. I still watched, but it was rocky there for a while. I adore BSG, but the end of S3 is nothing compared to the beginning (it got its groove back the first part of S4, except the troublingly paced most recent ep). I can appreciate The Office and what its trying to do (in both of its forms), but I just don't think its for me. I do love Stewart and Colbert (more Colbert these days, no offense John), though even better for me are folks like Larry Wilmore, John Oliver, and Aasif Mandvi. Brilliant.
BoB, thanks for this. Mad Men deserves the praise it's been getting. In the current New Yorker (June 9/16), TV critic Nancy Franklin compares it favorably to the new Swingtown:

"AMC's 'Mad Men,' as punctiliously faithful to the externals of the late fifties and early sixties as 'Swingtown' is to the mid-seventies, cracks open the dreams and myths of its time: there's brutality to that show, a willingness to look at the blood pumping through the era's heart of darkness."

And zeitgeist, you're right that this season of Lost is working again.

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