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June 05 2008

DVDtown reviews The Air I Breathe Blu-ray. A relatively spoiler-free review of the movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, which was released on DVD and Blu-ray last month.

I loved this movie, i like the weaving story lines like the movie 11:14, Brendan Fraser was excellent as well.
I really enjoyed this movie too. SMG did a great job in it. She played Sorrow exceptionally well.
I still haven't picked up my copy of this yet (Grrr Argh). I plan on getting the Blu-ray version.
All of the actors deliver powerful performances, but the two I was most impressed with were Gellar, who finally sheds her own chrysalis showing more of her emotionally dramatic side . . .
I take it this reviewer never watched Buffy.
Excellent movie! I completely agree with the author on one point: SMG and Brendan Fraser gave outstanding performances--by far the best in the movie. I also agree that the movie's critical flaw is that it was only 95 minutes. It left me wanting more, but I guess that may have been the director's goal. Unfortunately, I wasn't thrilled with Forest Whitaker's perfomance, and I am a HUGE Forest Whitaker fan! Anyway, the movie's definitely worth the rental if not the buy. Watch the Director's Commentary, too. I loved the movie even more after watching the Director's Commentary.

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