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June 05 2008

Fox unveils return dates for "Bones" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Boothe and Cam will be back on Wednesday, September 3rd and Cameron will be back on Monday, September 8th. The complete Press Release can be found here.

On sort of related note (vampires), The Futon Critic has reviewed, the pilot for Alan Ball's vampire themed show, "True Blood".
Click here for a look on the aftermath of Cameron's explosion, and other things Sarah Connor Chronicles related.
Thanks cabri for link from Future on Fox blog.

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Future on Fox has the same news, plus you can also scroll halfway down the page and check out the aftermath of Cameron's 'splosion. Gee, I wonder if she survived... ;)
Yippee! can hardly wait for T:tSCC to return, especially for the reported acting debut of Shirley Manson!
I won't post it here (because I'm lazy), but you can view photos from the set of Season 2. There's a link on the Future on Fox that gets to the Sarach Connor Society (?). Personally, there's nothing really shown; they look more like stalker photos to me.
Bones! Bones! Bones! Bones!

I can't wait to see what happens on the Boney-O show!
hehehe, the Boney-O show... gosh, I love Craig Ferguson. :)
By-the-by, they just cast Shirley Manson from Garbage for S2 of the Terminator.
I heard the Shirley Manson news a while back. Have to say that is kinda unexpected, although I do seem to recall reading an interview she gave where she expressed an interest in getting into the acting world. Guess she decided to follow up on that.

Very cute lady and an excellent lead singer. Just hope she can act as well.

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