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June 06 2008

(SPOILER) New Dollhouse pilot pics. One of them features Joss talking to Eliza and Fran, the rest are from the first episode. And a couple more can be seen here.

I love all of the high-tech stuff in the background when Joss is talking to Eliza. It makes me believe that it'll be very easy to believe the technology. But I live outside reality, so it's not too hard to make me a believer of anything.
Mmm. Harry Lennix looks good with a capital G.

I'm still on the fence on whether or not I like the whole Topher in a sweatervest look. I guess it gives off a nerdy vibe without actually using any of the overused nerd cliches like pocket protectors.

The shot with Joss just made me wonder if he'll ever do a cameo like on AtS...hopefully still with dances, but less green makeup. I figure the picture is from the "was I asleep?" part with Echo and Topher, the one from the trailers.

Hmm. At least two different sets of tank top/drawstring pants. They look very comfy, but bland and personality-less. Which I guess is the point. I couldn't tell, but it looked like at least someone on the floor had shoes/slippers for their feet. Musing on the Dolls' clothes--I guess I am obsessive!
One thing I would like to find out is how long the Dollhouse is being going for. Can you imagine Echo meeting up with a predecessor of hers that was around in the 60s? Or maybe Adelle was a former Doll herself.

Also Topher really reminds me of Andrew.
Love the pics!

Love the Eliza!
Maybe Adelle still is a Doll, and she's programmed to run the House, unaware. *brain explodes*
Maybe we're all Dolls, programmed to watch genre television.
I'm curious as to how they ensure their Dolls come home after each mission...I guess they're imprinted with some sort of need to do that after the mission is through, because otherwise what would stop this personality imprinted on the Doll from going AWOL and just living life like that?

...What if there are escaped, imprinted Dolls living in the world?

What would be cool is if top government persons were actually Dolls. That would lead to some interesting stuff.
I'm a doll programmed to idolize Eliza...
I guess they're imprinted with some sort of need to do that after the mission is through

Yes, that's exactly what it is.
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Dang. Did we break it?
Would they be "hurt" in some way if they couldn't/wouldn't return? Like a shock to a dog if he goes out of bounds?
Yeah, mnspnr, we musta crash fandango'd it bigtime. ; >

(Pie-and-Dollhouse Spoilers:
And for the halibut, , one of several sources for Joss' confirmation of the "Phone Home" imprint on the Actives.)

korkster, it is interesting to consider what potential neurological (or other) punishments and/or treats might be able to be used and abused in the Doll's mindwiping and programming. I'm sure Joss et al. have done some truly twisty thinking about this.
I'm really enjoying all the pics we're getting.

What would be cool is if top government persons were actually Dolls.

Since Joss has admitted that there is a little Manchurian Candidate in this, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this might be true. I can't believe that his reference was merely to the brainwashing issue and not to the potential for the other complex layers implicit in that association.

Now, completely OT, except for references to ED: Is that her voice in the new commercial for Kraft Tuscan salad dressing? It certainly sounds like her.
Jossfans: Breaking the interwebs since 1997. :D

Hey, if the feds need a website to be put off-line quickly they should put a link here and we'd crash it within an hour.
QG, after reviewing your link (which we've seen already), I was reminded of the restrictions put on for the Dolls. I wonder why such restrictions are in order, and how were they able to measure where the safety boundries were for these human beings.

And, if they're breaking their own rules, why have them in the first place? What would be the point of structure if it is not maintained? Could this instability inside the Dollhouse be one of the reasons why Echo is behaving "out of the normal"? I mean, isn't that what happens to children when their environment is no longer stable?

Speculative Spoiler:
(Yeah, I knew the pinkraygun story had already been a link; was just using it to re-affirm by cite what b!X said above.)

Gotta run; my imprinting starts me whining about leaving work and going home or out at 6:00p on a Friday night. And Garrison Keillor, Bonnie Raitt and Martin Sheen (?!?!) wait for no man nor woman...
Ah, Manchurian Candidate. Is it bad that I liked the remake more than the original? It makes sense that it would figure in a lil' bit, as there are so many...delicious...possibilities. And I'm not just thinking small-scale "imprinted to be a politician's temp, whose going to sleep with, then ruin him" possibility by rivals.
No, my thoughts are more toward the Pinky and the Brain-type of scheme.

Danke, btw, for linkage, QG, as it wouldn't load for me when it was on the front page, and I forgot about it.

korkster, as Katherine Hepburn once said, "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." And there is something in Olivia Williams that kind of reminds me of Katherine Hepburn.
Clearly, based on this flawless reasoning, Adelle is of course going to break her own rules. Even if it is "spectacularly unacceptable." (God, I love that quote!)
And I would imagine that such things as keeping Actives out longer than expected would put the whole Dollhouse in flux, what with the additional screwing with technology and minds...
Ah, Manchurian Candidate. Is it bad that I liked the remake more than the original?

Yeah, it's bad. Just close your eyes and listen to the dialogue and maybe especially the music from the original, and then the remake. However much you might like the actors better, the story sucks (in the sense of not making the remotest sense) and it sounds even worse than it plays.
Unfortunately I can't seem to find a mirror for the pics so you'll all have to imagine how awesome they are.
La, la... la. It's seems to be just our occasional breaking of the internet. It will probably be fine tomorrow. And if not, we didn't see nothing.
Ah, so we fandango'd, did we?
Hoorah! It's working again, and now the pictures make me think we need more pictures. Or videos. I'm gonna stick with videos.
Imagining how awesome the pics are right now, imagining January is tomorrow, imagining illegal mission, kicking ass and speaking of the Spanish...wakes up. Did I fall asleep? For a little while...
Jossfans: Breaking the interwebs since 1997. :D

Great motto, crazygolfa. Except I always use "internet". (Maybe I'm hopelessly behind the curve?) ;)
I like the expresssion on Eliza's face as she wanders about in her fetching drawstring pants. It's going to take me a little while to stop seeing her as Faith, but the way she looks in these pictures gets me part-way there. Can't imagine Faith ever looking that serene (or wearing draw-string pants). I agree with BandofBuggered re. Harry Lennix and his capital G. The idea of Adelle as a former / current Doll is pretty irresistible, too.
I agree with dreamlogic--the original Manchurian Candidate is one of my favorite movies; I've rewatched it dozens of times, and it still works even though I didn't live through the Cold War. I admit that I haven't see the remake simply because I couldn't imagine the story working outside of that Cold War context. Also, no matter how much people love Meryl Streep, I don't think anyone could top Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Johnny Iselin. Easily one of the greatest bad guys of all time.

Is it strange that the whole "Maybe Adelle/government people/anyone at all are former actives" idea reminds me of Battlestar Galactica and the whole "Anyone could be a Cylon" storyline? I feel like the shows could examine similar ideas of personhood, if in different ways.
BTW, here are some more stills from the first episode of Dollhouse, along with some of the pics we've already seen. I didn't want to be redundant gal and post them on the front page, unless our mods deem them worthy. :)

Scroll down to see of them is Eliza looking quite gorgeous in a red dress. Damn, that girl is beautiful.
Cheers for that, I added them to the subject line.
Happy to oblige, Simon, thanks for putting it where others can find it.

I'm really curious as to why Echo's walking on the street in one of those pics...espeically in those vicious stilettos she's wearing. Mebbe it's the mission where she has to speak Spanish?

I really, really want her dress.
Maybe they're weapons. Those stilettos looks like they can do some serious damage when she's kicking ass.
Ooh, very bad image from that! *shakes head vigorously*
Let's not talk about pointy heels and asses in the same sentence, yes?

But yes, I've always thought that stilettos were dangerous--either to the wearer's ankles, or to the person whose foot is stepped on by them...
Maybe just one more talk about pointy heels and asses/assii? You can kinda say that they're ass-heels in reference to a previous off-topic topic, the ass-hat.
Wrong, I know. So very wrong, so wrong in more ways than one that it's wrongii.
One thing I've always wondered when watching Buffy is why she never used high heels to stake vampires... That would have been kind of sweet.
My sister and I actually discussed that once; maybe it's something about the tips of the shoes not being wood, or maybe it was just way too difficult to do. That, and wooden shoes aren't that common, and I doubt that they'd make a heel pointy and long enough to be a stake out of wood. It sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Oops, I think 'twas I, not Sunfire or zeitgeist, who took the thread OT this time. I must be veggies for me!

Mmm. Off to ogle Harry Lennix again before doing a bit more work.
It seems they're using the old W&H set.
It seems they're using the old W&H set.

Setting aside the fact that I still don't see this in the slightest, does anyone have a count on how many times this has been said now? Although, I have to say, 36 comments in is a lot later than usual.
I think I'm going to start a Dollhouse fansite. I'm going to register "

It's going to rock!
Simmer down :) Yes, its been said many a time, and yes its the same set designer. Is it the same set? No, but it came from the same brain.
I love the set design. After so many shows about shadowy quasi-governmental organisations operating from vast underground concrete walled bunkers it's good to see a nice, comfortable environment. Maybe the power behind the Dolls is.... Ikea!

Nah. Then they'd be called Erik, Viktor, Sigurd and Niklas.
Setting aside the fact that I still don't see this in the slightest, does anyone have a count on how many times this has been said now? Although, I have to say, 36 comments in is a lot later than usual.

Sorry, I don't read every Dollhouse post, haven't seen those comments before. However, your rudeness is duly noted.

Have a nice day.
Whistler, I think you're misinterpreting b!x's comment. It's like how it only takes 10-15 comments usually for someone to say "bring Firefly back!" We here live with our tongues planted firmly in cheek; everything is in good fun.

As for the power behind the Dolls being Ikea, I think that the set is slightly classier...maybe Dania. It definitely has some sort of Asian/Scandanavian fusion feel to me, though.

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