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June 06 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg takes the wheel in ABC Family movie this Sunday. Buffy's sis is moving from Gossip Girl to stock car racing in The Circuit, which airs Sunday at 8 PM East and West. She's an up-and-coming racer who's dealing with her dad, whose career is fading, and a boyfriend who happens to also be a rival. The article explains how she got used to racing although she admits she doesn't like to battle the freeways.

Fans of The 4400 should be interested because Billy Campbell plays Michelle's dad in this movie.

Well, besides the spelling errors from the author, I thought it was a good reflection on MT.

Unfortunately, I still see Lindsay Lohan & Herbie when I read the summary. I'm sure it'll do better, but not get the praise needed.
Well, her car doesn't talk, for one thing. Another odd fact is that they filmed this movie in Halifax....where Ellen Page lives. It would have been interesting to have her in the movie as a mechanic.
Really, this movie is a variation of the old theme as the young up-and-comer who has to make tough choices, even at this risk of losing the respect of the parent...who used to be the big wheel in the local racing circuit. I think adding the fact that her boyfriend is also her rival on the track may be trouble for the script.
Thank goodness her car doesn't talk. I was never a fan of the premise, from Herbie to Knight Rider to Cars, etc.

I'm kind of sad that it's on the ABC Family channel, as it means that the movie will probably be squeaky-clean to the point of annoyance. Still, I'm sure MT will be great.

It was funny, thinking of her avoiding freeways. Here in the Phoenix area of AZ, the freeways are the only way to get from point A to point B (always at least 20 miles away) with decent timing and gas mileage.
And the cars usually drive at least 80, except for the snowbirds in the passing lane (bastards). MT would not be a fan of that, based on reading this.
As one of the two (You know who you are!) stock car racing fans that can also say they are Whedon fans, I'm sure I'll be watching this even though I hate this kind of movie.
Of course seeing Nathan at the track to promote Drive- and seeing a Blue Sun shirt at another race does give me hope. ;)
We are a rare breed. The stock car Whedon fans. The Blue Sun actually gives me hope too, but the Blue Shirt wearing fan wasn't me. Although, I always suspected Jimmie Johnson and Dale Jr. are Browncoats.
Is this the Danica Patrick story?
Did Herbie talk? I'm no Disney fan by any stretch of the imagination but from the vague memories I have of Herbie films from my childhood I don't remember it talking.

Cars should only talk if they also turn into giant robots and come from Cybertron. That should be, like, the rule! ;)
Herbie didn't talk, but he was alive & full of character. Enough to communicate.

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