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June 06 2008

California Browncoats announce Serenity Better Days #1 Exclusive Variant. Dark Horse produces San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive to benefit Kids Need to Read.

There will only be 5000 copies and only at the California Browncoats booth at Comic-Con.

5000! Whoo-hoo!
They will also be auctioning some on their eBay site during the convention for those who cannot attend.
Darn staight! We wanted to make sure as many people as possible have a chance to get these and know the money will be going to KNTR.

You might get tired of seeing us say it, but Dark Horse is incredible. They went above and beyond to get us this comic. And we can't thank them enough for making it possible. Don't forget to check out the sponsors also, since their donations are the reason we will be able to donate almost 90% of the sales income to KNTR. (Any other companies interested in sponsoring the comic, send us an email)

This is just the first of the big announcements we have coming for Comic-Con 2008. Keep an eye on the CABC site for more exciting news!
I think I am awesomed by this. I really wish my health would let me travel the 400 miles or so to San Diego, but, alas...

But eBay is a good thing as well. Will it be auctioned in true auction style, or will there be a "buy now" option for the same price as at SDCC? I am but a poor college student, though I would like to show my support.
I'm not entirely sure yet how we'll be doing it. We'll probably list at least 100 of them though, starting at 9.99 (ebay fees thing). It will probably be a good idea for us to list both regular auctions and Buy It Now versions. We have 2 goals and using all our options will make it possible to reach them. First, we want to get this book in hands of any fan who wants one. Second, to stop those who would buy it from us than list it on ebay, possibly getting more than $10 and none of the extra going to KNTR.

If the comics make more than $10 each on ebay, we think the excess should all go to KNTR, and when you bid on one of ours, it will.

What say you the "intelligent and attractive readers" of Whedonesque? (sneaking a little Save Hiatus in there) Do you think listing 100 copies all at once is a good idea? 200? 3? More? Less?
If they do dutch auctions, that would be fairest and have relatively little overhead... Might not raise the most money, though.
Oh, if you want a little better look at the cover, check it out here. Technically that's not the final cover, there's a few minor changes to be made (like the price), but nothing that will affect the cover as a whole.

I'll replace that one with the final cover when we get it next week.
Oh man oh man oh man, another reason to be excited for comic-con! :D
jclemens - That was my thought too, list at least 100 on a dutch auction that runs for the whole 5 days of the con. Then list some random regular single 3 days auctions, some Buy It Nows, and then another bunch on a dutch 3 day auction on Friday.

I think this would created the best balance of fairness and hopefully having a few books get a higher price. Especially if there are fans out there who want to show their support by bidding high.

In reality though, we would be happy if someone wanted to bid a book up to $100, instead bought 10 copies on the dutch auction. Then took those extras and donated them to other fundraisers, libraries, or wherever they chose. KNTR would still get the $100 and even more good deeds would follow.
You've got a point, danregal, re: auction options. I hadn't really thought of people who would buy, then re-sell it for more. I'm either idealistic or naive; I'll go with the former. :)
I'd think that, knowing us fans, we'd probably snatch them up pretty quickly...but I really have no idea. I'm not versed in this sort of thing.

In my case, I'd love to have one because it's awesome, but I see this endeavor not so much as making available a collector's item, but rather a way to raise money for a good cause with a little something special for the fans who are contributing. As such, if I had knowledge that people were willing to pay upwards of, for example, $20, I'm willing to not have a Buy It Now option that would result in less money going to KNTR.

Interesting aside: did you know that in the Netherlands, a Dutch auction is a Chinese auction, but in China, they call it an Irish auction?

ETA: It's interesting that you'd rather have the 10 comics for the $10 each, than 1 for $100, with an ostensible $90 more from the sales. But I guess the point is to get it out there for, oh, who will read it? :) Cool.

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-06-07 08:11 ]
BoB - You are indeed right, this is how we are raising money at Comic-Con this year. And having it be an exceptionally cool exclusive thing is something special. In the past we took donations, gave out drawing tickets, and a very small percentage of the people who gave money actually got something in return. This way everyone walks away with something while still giving money to a good cause.

Although we are still doing a prize drawing. :) We can't have a booth at Comic-Con without one. Look for more info on that very soon (free entry!). I will say one thing though, we got our first donation specifically for the CC drawing last weekend, and it's awesome. An original sketch by Dave Kellett, of Sheldon Comics fame. It's a sketch of Flaco wearing an "Aim to Misbehave" shirt. It is so undeniably awesome I think I might have drooled a little when I saw it. (we'll have a pic of it on the site at some point)

Regarding the aside: Did not know that. And things like that I always find interesting.
ETA: It's interesting that you'd rather have the 10 comics for the $10 each, than 1 for $100, with an ostensible $90 more from the sales. But I guess the point is to get it out there for, oh, who will read it? :) Cool.

That is the main reason. I'm not saying we won't be happy with a single copy getting $100, because we certainly would. We just aren't going to make that the purpose of the auctions.
Oh man oh man oh man, another reason to be excited for comic-con!

Now if only I could find a hotel that wasn't hundreds of miles away from the convention center or tens of thousands of dollars. Heh.
The SoCal board randomly has people asking for roommates at Comic-Con. There were 2 in just the last couple weeks. I can forward them when they pop up if you're interested.
I can't wait for the auction. I won't be going to CC again this year. But I WANT that comic. Hurry hurry hurry.
Second Joss variant cover at SDCC this year!

All that's missing is a Buffy variant.
Bix! I sent you an email but it bounced, must have an old one. Can you email me?
I did, but I just found a hotel a block or two off the upper edge of the green shuttle line. It's booked, barring any issues cropping up.
Hooray, b!x! See you at ComicCon.

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