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June 08 2008

Spoof Google News page. Scroll down the page for "good news" in the Entertainment section ;-)

If only. Well maybe one day.
Does it make me one of the really crazy fans that my main thought was "Oooh - 'Serenity Rising' would be an awesome title!"?

Oh, and that other thing:P. 'Serenity Rising' - I actually love that title. Winner.
Hehe, that was strangely cool to read, even going in knowing it wasn't remotely true. Says a lot about how much I'd love a follow-up to Serenity that I'm almost ready to believe an admitted spoof if it offers the slightest hope for a sequel. :)

And, yeah. Serenity Rising actually would make an excellent title.
Buffy S11 DVDs? If only :(
Ha! That's awesome.
Loved it. And the post about Lucas' authorizing the rewrite of eps 1-3. Totally brill
Shepherd Book's secret was that he knew how the final Harry Potter book ended?

I feel somewhat let down.
Sad that the outlandishness of a Serenity sequel ranks with Visa and Mastercard capping their interest rates at 8%, and Barry Bonds owing his success to yoga. (As much as Lucas seems to like to tinker with Star Wars with each new technological development, I don't see that announcement as being so outlandish.)
I think there's more chance of a sequel than peace in Israel/Palestine. So, y'know, silver lining. Sort of ;).
More Harry Potter? And AIDS vaccine? Apologies to Tibet? AND more Serenity? Now that would be a day.
That was cruel!! :(
I was thinking...Have I missed something?!?!? surely I would have known about a sequel in the works?!?!? then DUH!!!!!! I guess I can't always trust google news :( Maybe one day that won't be a spoof. :(
Also under In the News it lists links to Joss Whedon and other famous people, then... manatees, haha.
"Yes, Han really did shoot first."

Hah! I'm vindicated at last!

(And Serenity Rising would be a good sequel, but Finding Serenity is probably better. Hey, Jane would totally let Joss have her title, wouldn't she?)
Pure awesome.
Buffy is already complete!

Now, to see Angel season 11... now THAT would make my day!
I love every single article heading on that page.
Wow and ow. The one that really stung more than Serenity's sequel (*whimper*) was the HIV/AIDS vaccine "breakthrough." After about nine years of working in HIV/AIDS research, and constantly experiencing disappointing research set-backs, knowing it was a spoof did not stop the little flutter I felt when reading the headline "Successful third round of trials for AIDS vaccine."

"Vaccine maker waives copyright and claim to profits" and allowing the little Carlisle Sentinel to announce it were especially nice touches.

I couldn't see much info about, but the maker(s) of this page clearly has/have both brains and hearts, as well as a pointy sense of humor. (I'm thinking mebbe this lady had a hand in it, with this gentleman.)
Very cool. The entertainment headlines made me laugh, but it was a sort of muted laugh because scrolling down through the "news" section was... oof... heartbreaking.
Yup, that is the world in which *I* live. :-)
Several of those headlines hurt quite a lot.
It made me sad. I want.
That whole page was awesome. All things that will NEVER happen. Some "sad but true"s and mostly "funny and oh-so-true".
Serenity Rising! Pres. Obama signs National Health Care Act! Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama meet! Better Amtrak!

Oh what a wonderful world this would be.
Buffy season 11? Saying that is just cruel....*breaksdown*

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If it were the truth I'd subscribe to that newsletter.

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