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June 08 2008

50 Serenity Charity Screenings. Newest Screening Cities are Las Vegas, NV and Warwick (UK). Screenings in 23 cities on sale. Denver, Co is Sold Out!

45 Cities,
6 Countries,
22 US States,
All 6 Aussie States,
2 Canadian Provinces.

Go Denver!
congrats Denver!
For some reason, I feel like we should call them "Denver & Co."

Great job, Denver! I was actually rooting for the Rockies last year in the playoffs...once my Yankees were booted, that is. :)

*Grumbles* I really wish I could go to the one in my city; anyone who's in the Phoenix area who wants to give me info on how I can at least donate a little, 'twould be appreciated.
Warwick eh? Might be able to make it there! We'll see how it goes. :)

There is a donation button. And an email address if you need to contact someone about anything specific. We thank you you very much for your support!

An Arizona Browncoat
I'd like to see Serenity on a big screen hung from above the courtyard of the Warwick castle. Or the ISS. Or my local CSTS participating theater.

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Does anyone know, are tickets on sale for the Portland, OR shows yet? Can't find any info anywhere.
Any of you Chicago based fans gonna be at the Saturday, July 19 show?
Cleartrampoline, I Googled and it looks like the PDX screening is at the Hollywood theater in NW.

Are tickets still available? Any Portland fans planning on going?
The SoCal screenings are almost here. 3 cities over 3 days and all kinds of fun. Links to ticket sales for all the screenings here.

We are trying to nail down a guest or 2 for the LA screening and the Ariel Ambulance for the OC screening. San Diego is special since the movie is showing in HDDVD with digital projection.

But really, it's Serenity on the big screen again, and all for charity. Why haven't you gotten your ticket yet?
Exactly. Tickets are still available for the Vancouver screening here.
Portland's tickets have yet to go on sale, our theatre owner has been ill as of late, so they have as yet to go online. You can get info and updates by going to the Event Site
With some luck they should be for sale very soon.
or here:
I'd absolutely love to be able to see Serenity in the cinema. I wasn't aware of it until after it'd been and gone (but before it was out on DVD! which made the post-Firefly wait excruciating knowing it was out there somewhere, but not available to watch), so I've never seen it on the big screen.

Unfortunately Warwick is a bit far from me. I'm in Cambridge at the moment, and there's a really nice cinema here called the Arts Picturehouse that shows a lot of films, some by popular demand, some really old ones.. they've done Matrix and LotR all-nighters too. So they might be prepared to do a charity screening, though I dare say it's too late to sort anything for this year (not that it'd do me any good anyway, because I'm going back home soon when term ends).

Ukers are also trying to put together a screening in Leicester - UK. There is a post about it in the forum section of CSTS.

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I booked my ticket for the LA show, so maybe I'll finally get to meet danregal properly. :-)
Thanks for the tip, madmolly; I'll do so once I pay off my Discover bill this month. :)

I hope everyone who makes it to their respective showings has a hell of a good time.
Whoohoo! Gonna meet SNT for the first time! Although knowing we were in the same room at least 2 times, and probably a lot more, without ever meeting each other leads to doubt. If we actually do meet, will it have actually happened?

Just look for the bald guy either running around like a madman, or behind the table hawking the super-cool CSTS merchandise. Not sure which I'll be doing yet.

Oh, our tickets came in today. We had some very nice ones printed up for each screening. Glossy color and quite a nice keepsake for the night. Just thought I'd share. :)
The time grows short and there's so much to do! This is fun, right?
*tries not to panic*
Make note to self: Must have Valium on hand for next year.

Seattle tickets are available at

Congrats to Denver for being the first to sell out! :)
and tix are now available for Portland of Oregon screenings
3 showings and more...
buy now...

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