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June 09 2008

SyFy Portal awards long list for 2008. Whedonesque gets nominated for best website, Summer Glau for best actress, Adam Baldwin for best supporting actor, Amy Acker and James Marsters for best special guest.

James Marsters is nominated no less than four times in his category (twice for Torchwood and twice for Smallville). The short list will be published on June 11th.

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Who won the 2007 award for best website? I know we won the 2006 one.
Edited to add that Summer Glau is also nominated as best actress for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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I added the bit in about Adam Baldwin. There may be more but I must dash for the train.
I just found and added Amy Acker :)

This will teach me to read more carefully before posting :)
Jeepers cripes, those lists are evil. I don't envy whoever's choosing the nominees. So much good, and not enough room on the ballots. ;)
Just to make sure it's clear ... this is the "long list," which means this is the list that the Final Five in each category is going to be selected. Everyone listed received at least one vote from our nominating committee, and only five of them will be final nominees.

If you think this list is bad, Deepgirl, you should've seen our eligibility list, which had more than 1,000 eligible people, shows, movies, etc.

We'll announce the actual finalists Wednesday on SyFy Radio ( as well as on YouTube. We'll have it in print officially Friday, although some sites like to beat us to the punch by transcribing the nominees from our YouTube video that I have spent the last several days trying to put together.

And to answer your question, Simon ... Whedonesque won the first time we ever had the award in 2006, and although Whedonesque was a finalist in 2007, GateWorld actually won in 2007.

We'll have to see whether or not GateWorld and Whedonesque make the 2008 list, as I can guarantee you there are some new faces there this year. :)
GateWorld Schmateworld. *pfui!* ;-)
Who won the 2007 award for best website? I know we won the 2006 one.

It was Gateworld, so if you want Whedonesque to win again (and it should for all the Jossy goodness we've been getting lately), people here have to vote early and often! I think we fell behind last year, because the announcement of the awards disappeared from the front page (on here) too quickly.

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Well, it's a bit tacky to hang out a big banner saying Vote for Us! But that may just be my opinion. All are worthy candidates, I'm sure.
*Hangs out big banner saying "Vote for Us"* .... oops, never mind. ;-)

Sorry Summer, as wonderful as you are, it's Katee Sackoff for me, with Tricia Helfer a close second. But then the material has a lot to do with it.

My BSG bias definitely dominates my personal choices. I'm for Mary McDonnell for best actress, by several light years over anyone else, and I can't see anyone coming close to Edward James Olmos for best actor. Except John Simm, but I only caught a couple of eps of Life on Mars.

And if James Callis doesn't win big, I'll be shocked. Although I'm thrilled to see Jamie Bamber on the list, because I think the depth and subtlety he brings to his role is far too easily overlooked, next to the more in-your-face BSG supporting actors.

I love that BSG has (at this point) three "best episode" entries, but none of them are the ones I'd have picked. I'd have gone with Hub as easily the best ep of season 4 so far.

And Yay Torchwood, no less that six "best ep" entries, along with a bunch of other nods. :) Good to see Burn Gorman on the list. *sniffle*
And needless to say I'm rooting for James Marsters for best guest star, because he really deserves it.

So I guess now I have to register with SyFy Portal, so I can vote.
Are the final selections actually made by the fans' votes?
Couple of those 'Torchwood' eps I don't get being there at all but it speaks volumes about how much it's improved that, though i'd personally vote for something else, there're one or two that I could understand winning ("A Day in the Death" would probably be my candidate for best 'Torchwood' ep so far but I did also love - the omitted, possibly cos it doesn't qualify - 'Random Shoes' just because it was, basically, so nice ;).

Lots of good choices though, TV sci-fi seems pretty healthy at the moment.
Much as I love Torchwood, any category that has Life On Mars pretty much takes the win for me. Though part of me is inclined to vote for the nominees from The 4400 since they were (unfairly) axed. The more I read from those lists, the worse I feel for whoever is making the final decisions. It's like deciding between your children. :(
there're one or two that I could understand winning ("A Day in the Death" would probably be my candidate for best 'Torchwood' ep so far but I did also love - the omitted, possibly cos it doesn't qualify - 'Random Shoes' just because it was, basically, so nice ;). Saje | June 10, 12:32 CET

OMG, the world is surely coming to and end. :-)
Yep, stock up on tinned foodstuffs is my advice ;).

Like I say, of that list definitely not my choice BUT also not completely unfathomable to me either.
Just to answer a few questions ... :)

We announce the finalists tonight on SyFy Radio (and there will be a release on YouTube in video form ... I spent 18 hours on this video, so I hope people like it, lol!). SyFy Radio airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT at

Our eligibility period runs from June 1, 2007 to May 31, 2008, so "The Hub" isn't eligible. :)

And the final list of nominees is actually chosen by the nominating committee. All their nominations are ranked and weighted. They did take reader input with their suggestions and the like. :)

Voting begins June 25!

And there's nothing tacky about putting something out there to tell people to vote for you. You have thousands of readers who come every day ... it doesn't hurt to let them know they can help support the site by simply going to cast a vote.

If we were eligible, we would do just that. :)

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