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"On the hood of a police-car?"
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June 09 2008

Josshole moment over on Wax Banks. "... I kind of love this guy." Comparison of Fray and Firefly, with a little of television Buffy, Season 8 Buffy and Alien: Resurrection thrown in for good measure. All sorts of pro-Joss-ness!

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Yes, I agree with the above article, Joss IS one of the better DSR pools.
(Is a Joss Hole like a Billabong?)

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*Deleted prior content*

And a new ship is born.


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Not sure, kassmere... is it magically brought into existence by a large talking kangaroo?

Could be...
I remember Sugar Shock quite a bit actually; and not just because it validated my belief in squirrels' evilness. And maybe it's, josshole: the antithesis of asshole. ;)
Wax Banks is a long-standing writer about Joss's work, who also happens to be a long-standing member of this site. Check out his writing. It has a quality rare among bloggers: intelligence. While some other pieces may drop in certain terms to draw searches and undeserved attention, I highly doubt this was written with that nefarious purpose.

And aus-mitch, that crossed the line of good taste. Let's stick to the content of the topic at hand. Ta.
The comparison between Firefly and Alien: Resurrection is scary - but very astute.
It's weird but I swear this was posted a few days ago but I can't find it. "Josshole" isn't a term easily forgotten...
Think it was but then went for some reason. Waxbanks has used 'Josshole' before though (it inspired me to coin 'Josshithead' but i'm still waiting for it to really take off. Or, y'know, ever be used ;-).
kazzmere - For the record, I do enjoy having an audience for my writing and am always heartened by Whedonesque links; my readership momentarily increases tenfold each time you guys find one of my posts. I don't make money off such an event, I just like the feeling of being read, knowing that I can hold someone's attention for a couple of minutes with only words. Which need for validation isn't as tawdry as what you describe but I'm also not doing my Gandhi impersonation (y'know, if he were a bear from Massachusetts). I admit to liking the attention.

That said, I write my Joss-is-boss posts because Joss is boss. I'd write 'em even if no one read 'em. That's true of every blog post I've written (I know this because, for the most part, no one has read 'em). Yours is a reasonable suspicion nonetheless.

SoddingNancyTribe - Thank you for the kind words. I feel guilty about this post, actually; on reread I find myself wishing I'd scrapped the 'Joss is this great ethicist' bit, or in any case delayed it, and spent more time on the 'Fray is a noir Western and a spiritual prequel to Firefly' theme that prompted the post in the first place. Maybe later, I guess.
I've been reading fellow-traveler Wax Banks for years -- he really takes genre TV seriously and is always interesting.
The article was here. It was deleted & posted on .org instead.
Spoilery for the end of the Season 8 Goddard arc, right? (I was reading but then had to click away - haven't gotten my copy yet...)
SNT, WB: I sit corrected.
I think Whedonesque broke that link I posted in the comments above. Heh, it was to a website with maps to good fishing holes, and one of them was named Joss Hole. :)

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