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June 10 2008

Joss shows support for actors. Nikki Finke reports that he was at yesterday's SAG Solidarity Rally in Los Angeles.

So how is the SAG comming along? Will they go out on strike soon?
They may not strike at all, Pumps.
Does that mean discussions are going well, TamaraC?
FWIW, it's "Nikki".
korkster, no that doesn't mean talks are going well.
As someone whose closest connection to the industry is turning on the TV or going to the movies, I have to ask, just how did it come about that TWO unions were needed to represent the same people?
FWIW, it's "Nikki".

It's Nikkie in my heart.
There's a pill for that y'know.

Seems fair, the actors did a great job of supporting the writers, quid pro quo Clarice, quid pro quo. Only Joss isn't a southern female FBI agent (or a cannibalistic serial killer. Almost definitely).
Saje Well, I'm fairly certain he doesn't eat the flesh of fellow human beings. But. Jesse, Buffy, Angel, Jenny, Joyce, Buffy again, Tara, Warren, Anya, Chloe, Molly, Amanda, Fred, Lindsey, Wash and Book might beg to differ on the "serial killer" part.

Well, if they weren't, ya know, dead.
kmb99 - AFTRA was originally mainly a radio performers' union so the constituencies were different.

ShadowQuest; You forgot LArry. And I don't think Caridad made it, did she? I could mention Aiko and Renee but you're with them like the British were with Jefferson Davis, ie. no recognition.

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