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June 10 2008

(SPOILER) Final cover art for Buffy #16. Four little words that say....

Hmm. I think I liked the cover without the four little words; I think that people who haven't read Fray are going to have a case of the WTFs, and that people who have read Fray are going to know who she is just by looking. I guess it just seems redundant to me.

I still love the art, though!
I agree. There was no need in adding that. But, still, I don't find it a big deal, it just makes me want to go back to my Fray issues and read them!
I like that the four little words feel so much like old Marvel titles. "And introducing, the Wolverine!" "But who will the villain be?" Stuff like that. It makes it very retro. But I do think that it's visually distracting from the amazing art.
Better: "Buffy joins the Fray!" or "Buffy: now Fray-adjacent!".

Best: Buffy in Fray Fall!

(That's enough Sun-worthy headlines - Ed.)
I wish they didn't add those words to the cover, it lessen the impact of the art.
For people who knew Mel, it's "Hey, Melaka is back".
For people who didn't know Mel, it's, "WTF, it's this purple haired chick with another scythy-axe-thing?".

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So very cool! I read the Fray comics not long ago, can't wait to see Buffy team up with Melaka ...
I don't mind the four words. Sure, it would be better without them, but this attracts attention for new potential buyers of the Fray graphic novel. I'm sure most hardcore Buffy fans already have it, but those that don't will definitely be more likely to consider purchasing it after seeing this cover. So, can't blame them from the marketing standpoint. And Fray is awesome.
Still love the art and wishing that they would set it up as a desktop image soon!
Can't wait to see Karl Moline do mainstream Buffyverse. His SMG likeness is pretty spot on--or, at least they were in the "special features" of the Fray trade.
Fraying Realities.

[makes wry face]
Time travel is usually a bit too Deus ex machina for my taste.
I like time travel. Also flying cars. I'm easy that way.
I like time travel sometimes. When it's well-executed (12 Monkeys is the only thing that's coming to mind right away). I was okay with time manipulation being introduced to the Buffyverse when the Trio were messing with her and with Illyria's abilities on Angel, though I think those were both more rooted in magic than sci-fi technobabble (maybe not Buffy's nerd issues, if it was one of Warren's devices...I can't remember if it was Jonathan's magic reality manipulations, or Warren's gadget). Manipulation fine, but...I dunno how outright time travel is gonna play out. Hey, I was pretty okay with Dawnzilla (though there was precedent for robots in the Buffyverse. Lots), so this shouldn't be a problem.

I'm looking forward to Fray again. Think I'll re-read my issues (plus Tales Of The Slayer) the week when #16 comes out.
I agree with Valentyn; those four little words shine light on a much-loved graphic novel. I'm new to comics, and if it weren't for my stalking here, I wouldn't know who Fray was and would have missed out.

Speaking of which, I re-categorized my Comicverse last night and ended up looking through Fray. Beautiful art. I miss it.

Kris, if I remember correctly, both Warren & Jonathan messed with Buffy via time-wonkiness. Warren had placed an "inhibitor" of some kind on Buffy's sweater that made time speed up from her POV. Jonathan cast a spell on Buffy that made her go through the same time loop until she figured out how to deal with the disgruntled customer.

Being a fan of Back to the Future, I'm quite happy with flying cars and the paradox of two scythes in one time-line. And honestly, BttF did not use their potential enough in exploring the complications of traveling to the future; the past, sure, but why not the future?

I'm interested to see what implications & consequences will occur when Buffy sees what happens due to her decision that she already made (turning all Potentials into slayers), the death of magic, and the beginnings of a war far into the future. Talk about the weight on the shoulders!
Yes, although Andrew also summoned a demon that makes time go all wonky, so all three dealt with time in that episode.
Manipulation fine, but...I dunno how outright time travel is gonna play out.

Good time traveling stories: enjoy.
Bad: MTS3K it.
Bad but it's supposed to be so who cares shhh Dr. Evil has a line now: Austin Powers.

Any way, I win.
I haven't read the Fray comics. Now I'm like, Am I going to be lost?

That's messed up.
I don't know, FaithsTruCalling, but I can say you're missing out. I quite enjoyed the Frayverse. Meleka Fray is great, like a blend between Buffy & Mal (which I think Wax Banks goes into more depth on the front page). I loved the art and the new take on what would happen if, uh, magic/slayerism got a rough return.
is this a collection of every fray comic?
Some libraries have the trade paperback of Fray.
is this a collection of every fray comic?

Yes. That's the collection of the Fray mini-series. Though there was a Fray short story in one of the Tales Of The Slayers comic books.
It's more the "time travel as gimmick" that I object to. There's a wagon train to the stars set of series that was infamous for it.

Robert Heinlein's "By His Bootstraps", now, is a different thing.
I just went to the library and read the entire Fray collection. It was pretty good.

I'm wondering how Fray is going to get to present time, and why she would fight Buffy.
I think it's more of Buffy going to Fray's time (hence flying cars). But that's just my guess.

I'm glad you liked the series, FaithsTruCalling. :)
Glad you liked it, FTC. I think I've read my copy at least 20 times, and it never really gets old.

Why would Fray fight Buffy? Fray fights everyone! Including...well...drunks who pick on certain awesome characters *sob*

But yeah, no stretch there for me. I think that since a) timeplay has happened before in the Buffyverse, b) Fray and Buffy are both awesome characters, c) I loved the Frayverse, and d) I suspended disbelief once I realized that Ben and Glory were related...well, I'm game for anything.

I wonder if we're going to see Gunther. I like him. But he could totally...Frayme the Buffster for some crime or another. And the future police might make her aFrayed.

Okay, enough bad puns.

...nah, one more:

Fraylty, thy name is slayer. :)
Wow, BoB. You definitely read this like 20 times!
Gunther was the purple fish-tailed demon (or was he a mutant? Yet another variation of humans introduced to the Buffyverse), who Melaka always spoke to by standing on top of the glass ceiling of his aquarium/apartment, right ? And would get crime jobs from ?

I know near the end of the series someone (either her or Urkonn) crashed through it and confronted Gunther, but didn't they kill him too ?
You've got it, Kris.

Gunther didn't die, though; his tank was just all smashed up because of Urkonn. He (Gunther) was definitely..."urked" by it, though. But Fray is still his best grabber. So he was pretty much going to forgive her for that.

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Plus, she put him back in his tank. :)

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