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June 10 2008

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel: After The Fall #8. This issue comes out tomorrow and then issue 9 will be out in a fortnight (or maybe even next week).

That cover's deeply creepifying!
Am I going mad or does Nate look a little like Nathan Fillion?
Very good so far. I sincerly hope that isn't all the Gunn story is, though. The Gwen stuff is really good, too.
Don't worry Pat - I would guess that there are some big reveals on the next page they don't want to spoil so they are giving us just a taster of it, same with the Gwen story.

Can't wait!
patxshand, there's more to the Gunn story than the posted preview pages (which are out of sequence - the Gwen story is first in the book, the Gunn story is last).
Yeah, I thought so, too. The only reason I wondered if that was the end was because of the title graphic being on that last page. I guess I've been reading too much "Y: The Last Man!" (the title and credits for "Y" one-shots usually comes on the last page of the story). Yeah, I have my own theory on who sired Gunn, so I hope the next page is a juicy revelation.
It looks good.
Do we know who Charles is talking to? That's not Lindsey, is it?
I don't know how it could be Lindsey. Lorne shot him pretty well before the battle, and Gunn is talking to this guy after the alley battle. Of course, this is the Whedonverse. He could be back, but I hope not.
I think if it was Lindsey, Gunn wouldn't refer to him as a random vampire. Gunn would be freaked if it was the Lind-man.
For those who absolutely must know and can't wait 'til tomorrow,
Good to know. Thanks, topolino. I was never much for patience.
The Gwen story looks great. The characterization is spot-on; after how she grew up, and how she reacted to Gunn in "Players", it makes total sense that should would form this real approach-avoidance thing about sex, contact, and intimacy. She craves it but fears it. And I think the art is great in both of these -- love Gwen's face, and love the alley-fight flashback panel.

Check this out -- I was about to raise a continuity point, because it was raining when LA went Hell-A, and Gwen and whathisdude are there under the stars. BUT... and I don't know if either part of this problem/solution occured to anyone else... if you look at the first panel of the Gwen story you can see the terrifying hurricane-like swirl of the storm localized over downtown way in the background. I *love* that touch, the idea that the storm itself was part of the process and not just an epic-feeling coincidence of meteorology.
Did you know, KingofCretins, that it can rain and not rain in the same town on the same day? Happened at my house in Texas all the time. We lived in a trailer and there were day you'd open the front door and it would be pouring, but if you opened the back door immediately afterwards, it'd be a pretty sky. How cool is that?

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