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June 10 2008

TV Squad previews the site currently in beta. Looks like only five BtVS episodes are available at the moment.

Site is still taking beta tester applications apparently.

TV Squad has Welcome to the Hellmouth embedded at the bottom of the post.

Weird, I can watch the embedded video despite living outside the USA.
Just signed up the other day. Apparently they approved 12,999 of my non-friends and un-family at the same time. Unfortunately, I can't get the main site to work at all in Firefox. :( I just get the source page.
@cabri: Hmmm, well I signed up today, got a reply that basically said, 'thanks we're really busy but we'll get back to you'...

If I get in I'll have to try on Safari. The TV Squad embed is working on my Firefox.
I already got approved for the Beta site and can now use it. They do have only the first five episodes of Buffy up, and there's no sing of Angel being anywhere on the site at all.
I got my beta account approved to this site a few weeks ago. There isn't much there so far so you guys aren't missing out on anything.

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