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June 10 2008

Catch up with Sarah Connor Chronicles in August. Fox will show the first season of "Sarah Connor Chronicles" starting August 10th. They'll show all nine episodes Sunday through Wednesday for two weeks, then show the finale on the 24th. The second season will start two weeks later.

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That's tight.
or you could catch up on it by going to
Well, the compressed season Fox is planning is for those who prefer to see TV shows the old-fashioned way. I think Comcast has a ton of NBC and CBS shows you can see OnDemand, which would another way to catch up of shows. I hope ABC does the same with "Pushing Daisies" soon, too. I'm sure some people have forgotten how that season ended.
I like to watch the majority of my TV on my widescreen HD TV. I'll watch the occasional sitcom on the computer, but it sucks for shows like Terminator. So, YAY! Repeats like in the good old days.
I'll tune in but I'm looking forward even more to the DVD release in August -- I know some critics weren't convinced, but I think (hope) that the first season will play better without commercials. I really liked this series when it ran and was sorry I couldn't convince more people.
Well, this is a good second chance. I know I'm enjoying the re-runs of Bones on Monday. Got caught late into the series, but now we're right on time to get caught up.

Can't wait for T:TSCC. Why is August so far away?

Oh, and re-runs are a good way to save money. I have to wait a while before I can by all of those DVDs...

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