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June 25 2003

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7 premium cards Diamond Comics info about the release of Buffy's last season premium cards.

Holy crap, 14 autograph cards?! I spent a pretty penny getting all the autograph cards thus far, but wow, talk about going out with a bang! So here're the obvious autograph cards: Principal Wood, Caleb, the Ubervamp, as well as Kennedy and some of the other Potentials (Amanda, Molly, Rona, Chao-Ahn, Chloe). But who else am I missing?
If you check out the Inkworks website they list all the autograph cards in the Coming Soon press area:
Ha ha ha, thanks, that was too obvious. :)

FYI, the info's here.
No Chloe Top Prospects Rookie #'d/2000???

[a little baseball card joke. haha]

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