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June 11 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar spotted on the set of her latest movie project. The movie, Veronika Decides to Die, is set in New York; SMG plays "Veronika, a woman who wakes up in a mental institution after a failed suicide attempt."

Here is the IMDB link about the movie, listing other cast members including Jonathan Tucker and Erika Christensen.

Also, another link.

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Well we've seen how well Sarah can play someone in an institution from Normal Again. One of my very favourite eps - both for Sarah's great performance, and for the way that we weren't given any 'outs' to make us sure that Sunnydale is actually Buffy's true reality.
Thanks for linkage. If you look about the internets, there are also pics of SMG and Jonathan filming a scene yesterday in NYC. If you've read the book, can kind of guess which scene it be.

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