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June 11 2008

Oz to show up in Robot Chicken? In an interview with Moviehole Seth Green shared this little tit-bit "I donít wanna tease it too much, but we have a bit [of Buffy] as our fourth-season opener that Joss Whedon is in", says Green. Matt adds, "Without giving anything away, Oz may or may not show up in that same episode."

Does anyone know when the fourth season is set to premiere? If it weren't for ya'll I'd never know what's going on. :)
Joy will abound in Casa OzLady! :-)
Well, I hope they get his voice right.
Can an action figure be 'taciturn'?
I was at a hilarious, hilarious NY Comic Con RC panel with Seth Green and Matt Seinrich in April where they talked about this...the video I shot and other info here...6 new S3 eps start in August, with S4 premiering early 2009.

If I understood correctly, Joss Whedon, Ron Moore, and Seth McFarlane are all gonna guest star in the first August episode; they'll be giving the RC boys advice on how to avoid getting their show cancelled again this season.
*snicker* I like RC, don't watch it all the time, but when I catch it, I do. I always rediscover my crush on Seth Green whenever I know he's doing something I'm watching.
I don't know about taciturn but my Oz figure is certainly laconic. And sometimes mordant, depending on how I position his head.
Yay Sideshow Oz is going to make another appearance!! *g*

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