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June 11 2008

Castmates Who Click. Entertainment Weekly website celebrates the chemistry that Buffy shared with both Angel and Spike.

Oh, hells yes. If I could bottle the chemistry between the two pairs, we could solve the energy crisis.
I thought about that, but I was annoyed at a couple of errors they made, so I denied them the linkage.

Note to—Andre Braugher's character in Homicide was called Pembleton, not Pemberton.

I do see they fixed the error where a pic of Eccleston was substituted for David Tennant.
Love that pic of Angel and Buffy, and don't believe I've seen it before. Anyone have any idea what episode it's from?
It's from "I Will Remember You," melanie.
Is it bad that I originally thought they were talking about the chemistry between Angel in Spike during season five of "Angel"? Not the sexy kind, just the kind where they just took over the scenes they were in together.
Is it sad that I saw the post title and assumed that it was about cast members surfing the web about each other?
I thought the same thing, Nolan. While I do think that both SMG & DB and SMG & JM had fantastic chemistry and were compulsively watchable, I have to say that I would literally watch a show about Angel and Spike sitting in a room together, snarking at each other. That's how great I thought they were together in season five.
It's the problem with popularly voted polls . They always focus on the stars(s.) Not to take away from Smidge with David or Jamey but sometimes even better chemistry is found further down in the cast.
Any of you familiar with my posts know which pair in the Buffyverse I'm thinking of, but to go outside it, Andy Griffith had good chemistry with Aneta Corsaut but it was lightweight compared to Don Knotts and Betty Lynn.

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