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June 11 2008

Serenity Adventures available for pre-order. The all new RPG book from Margaret Weis Productions is listed on Amazon. It's also on the MWP site.

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On your tag, from what I've read before it isn't a repeat. I've gotten the other RPG and I don't RPG. I'll be getting this one too.

From MWP site

"Trade paperback adventure collection for the Serenity Role Playing Game and the Cortex System game rules. Anthology-style collection written by multiple authors, edited by Margaret Weis and Jamie Chambers. "

"Serenity Adventures (Pre-Order)

This collection of adventures for the Serenity Role Playing Game returns you to the 'Verse for another set of stories set out in the Black, on the worlds of the Rim, or in a heap of trouble among the Border Planets."

Sounds like as close as we are going to get right now to a collection of short stories in the 'verse.

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It's odd that they don't list the "multiple authors" by name. I might be interested if they've got someone I'm a fan of (a David Pulver adventure for Serenity, for example, would have me racing to the pre-order link) ... but I guess more info will be forthcoming in good time, and all that.
A little OT, but this is a Serenity thread.

Yesterday I arrived home and a package was on my porch. It seemed too large for the books I recently ordered.

I opened it to find A SERENITY LUNCHBOX!

The last I recall about the lunchbox is that plans were set aside for some reason.

I think I ordered it a year ago or something.

Whatever. It's very cool and I'm happy to have it.

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