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June 24 2003

Wondering What the Scooby Gang's Been Up To Since 'Chosen'? I got a good laugh at where their first destination was.

I'll admit, this blog's rather creative in its approach. :)

Space Mountain at Disneyworld sucks the chrome off of a trailer hitch through a garden hose by an asthmatic smoker with bronchitis. It's like riding a golf cart through a tunnel lined with christmas lights. And it's supposed to be the most exciting ride there. fin-non-sequitur.
What was up with all that body switching talk she had going on? I'm confused.
Wow. Amazing how Kennedy is just as annoying in her blog as she was on TV.
I'm not feeling the Kennedy/Disney love here.
But what about Kit and Carlos? We must know!
Cris-- The new Buffy eps were on hiatus for about a month, so for April Fools Day they had Ethan do some sort of spell that switched their bodies. It was actually pretty hilarious. Kennedy got sent in to Faith's body while Faith got sent in to Wesley's. They got back on track when the episodes came on again.
Thanks Polandspringswater - I sort of get it now :-)
Some amusing stuff, nice to know there are people out there with more free time than me. =)
I miss the First's journal----

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